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Alien: Isolation
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77 View2024-01-04
I played it on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and my new Xbox Series X. It's actually a horror game that actually makes you sh*t your pants. The alien is introduced fairly quickly, so it almost cuts straight to the chase. The lethal manikins should be avoided at all costs. Otherwise, if you run, the alien will tickle (impale you brutally with his stabby stabby tail thingy)  ya till you die
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I played this game on the Xbox series x/backwards compatibility. and it was great I love this game it's one of the major hits made by valve. if I was looking for a good zombie game I would choose this game, every gamemode was great the campaign is great and the verses mode is very fun. I remember playing it with my friend and we had a great time. Everything Is Perfect.
Its a great game Ive played it on xbox i
Aaron Bourke2082023-11-30
I've played it on my uncle's Xbox it's actually really fun you can actually just roam around just shooting your gun whoever you're playing with or you can just go kill humans like you're supposed to
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