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Top Tier Pixel Action RPG w/Co-op Play

Top Tier Pixel Action RPG w/Co-op Play

137 View2024-01-13
👍 Pros: Co-op online play with a homie
🎮 Gameplay: Fire🔥
I got a few cool skins. Have fun unlocking characters by progressing thru the story. Level up your characters and unlock new abilities by purchasing them with in game currency. They added a lot stuff in this new update🔥
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🎮 Gameplay: simple and easy, player dan reach max level (20) easily, each equipments have different stats. The game has 4 jobs/classes for beginner. 👍 Pros: good pixel game, low size, funny. 👎 Cons: instant death, if player death, the character will be deleted and player should try again from beginning
Asteria Chan122024-05-12
RPG Pixel Edition
Various type of RPG in Pixel Graphics . This is a Personal choice if you don't like it you do you we don't speead any toxicity in this community.
A great classic pixel-style RPG. The gameplay is fairly simple, players must release the character skills at the right moment to defeat the enemies. Each unique character such as archer, mage, fighter and, etc has its own unique abilities that will help you on your adventure. Increase your power by doing a successful link skill to perform a more powerful skill. You can also perform a 2x speed and automatic skill casting as well if you want to play in idle mode.
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