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AI Girlfriend 3D
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29 View2024-02-01
I love it so much but it needs stores and other stuff
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Jarnail Kachoora
Jarnail Kachoora

😏🤨 other stuff 💀


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It is a nice game but only thing which was missing it was a tunning shop and also add some more cars plz
Gangster Bhai1K2023-09-20
Huge potential
This game has a lot of potential. 1. Please add more sound tracks, I  have to mute the game because the current track is like a 5 second loop and very annoying.  Add a jukebox we can build and let us construct different tracks or something similar. 2. Add more sound effects. There is a very small varietyof sound effects. Only sound effects are from mining and chopping 3. Building kits are annoying and slow the progress of the game. I don't think they are necessarily. I understand you have them in the store as a way for you, the developer, to make money. Instead add character customations or cosmetics in the store that we can buy and support you. You can even add environmental cosmetics.
Interdimensional Cat1K2022-07-06
it’s very good but is cost so much storage space 💀
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