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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III
The amazing game you may know, the question is can you overlook the cons and enjoy the pros?

The amazing game you may know, the question is can you overlook the cons and enjoy the pros?

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I love this game, but what's a good game without its flaws, I mean let's be honest there is no perfect game. I'll be discussing some things with you guys and definitely highlight some important key things, so it's better understood "what you are walking into", if your just starting out, or maybe you're here maybe learn something you may not have known before, but we will see as we get into it. I'll be reviewing the entire cod history, and will be linking this review to it; once I get done with this review! So definitely stay tuned, as the review of the entire cod history is very long and I want to highlight everything I like, disliked, and along with some facts that you may not have originally known.
👍 Pros:
- The graphics is amazing, it really is the type of game that puts you into the game and makes it like your are physically there
- you know it's that time where every year around Jan-Feb time frame where you get the Rank for players who watches the COD Leagues. While the guns in Rank may be something your not originally using, with the right builds and settings you will get a hang of it, if you played mw2 Rank than you guys know what I'm talking about. If you haven't you will soon find out by looking up good weapon builds for it.
-audio is good, I mean this would be in between pro and con because even with expensive headphones you will run into problems, where you can't here footsteps like you did in mw2.  I was disappointed by this, because I know if someone is coming by the footsteps from a mile away.
- open world concept in cod MW3 campaign is definitely a change of pace and a lot more entertaining which puts me as a sniper/assassin  basically a mix between Sniper Elite and Assassin's Creed
- you can choose which guns you work with in the story mode which is a plus
-DMZombies I love this mode a lot, as a pro zombie fan this definitely made my day.
- The events are a lot more well put together that you will realize that many other games you play for event wise have been going about it the wrong way. For cod their events are so well put together though they may have their issue moments you can still complete the event. The magma event for example which was unlike most cod events, because they give you easy ish tasks to complete, they gave us a 1.6 million XP grind and got the first 400k in the first two days thinking it was over, after I found out it wasn't I was at 800k-1 mil. already and grinded the rest of it and completed it the weekend before it ended. While yes it took a bit of time to grind it was a lot easier once you knew the right mode to grind in. ^^
👎 Cons:
- I have to say the biggest let down I had for this game, was the storyline for the campaign. Like the predecessor mw2 and ghost had amazing campaign that emotionally brought you up and down with the main characters unlike this one.
-the gun builds from mw2 does not carry over if you buy MW3 on disc. It was a huge pain taking a picture and basically remaking those builds
- some of the operator and other skins you got from mw2 doesn't carry over. Some do but you have to be careful which ones
- dmz from mw2 would be leaving soon because that mode sadly doesn't carry over to the new game. (I would definitely grab all the rewards from that mode while you still can. 💔)
- the games before this game all get abandoned and filled with hackers/cheaters/exploiters; definitely not a good look for cod in the long run. (will go over this in my overall review because this is pretty serious when it comes to ruining games)
- will experience lags/glitches/shutdown and if this happens in Rank, the first time it gives you a 30 sr and 3 minute suspension and the second time will result in +100 SR and 15 minutes suspension. Trust me if it happens any further, you will lose your account privileges for rank in that season or maybe worse. Can confirm that the second time is a lot worse especially if you grind a lot as I have.
- cheaters will start showing up soon enough. The good news for this though that there is anti cheat bot that helps with this problem and the report last year for mw2 over 1,000,000 (it was either a million or hundred thousand, you can look up the chart yourself because there was a lot) cheaters/hackers have been banned. As long as your report the player the mods will review what was said, what happened and look at how they play to see if they are actually cheating, because there is different ways just to tell if they are or not.
- RPG, jump spammers, riot shielder campers, shotgun runners; you will encounter a this a lot in quick match so Rank is the best mode to avoid these players because it is very strict with weapons that are allowed including certain mods/builds as well.
- You will get buffs/debuffs rn if you run around with a knife you actually have to stab a person twice to actually kill them instead of once, as a debuffs for example.
These pros and cons are just a few of many that you have to deal with and it varies a lot on each player. It's definitely worth to try this game. Don't let the cons scare you, or turn you way though; because this game unlike most games is a lot better at moderating the game in particular until a new game gets launched than they become hands off. So it's definitely worth trying for the first year and go from there.
I have been playing since Christmas since this was my a gift from my family and I overall like it a lot. I'm Also excited for the zombie show we all know and love "The Walking Dead" so we will be getting Rick Grimes and so many more zombies things related to the DMZombies in just a few days for the seasonal battle pass; so definitely stay tuned for this. ^^
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Lucky24Neko Author

my reviews are usually pros and cons for the game that are huge things I really want to highlight because it's the deciding factor especially for me when I try a new game or not. 🤔



The campaign had me feeling meh too. Old titles had better narrative.


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Lucky24Neko Author

agreed, like if they had carried the story the same way they did with ghosts and shoot maybe even mw2, because that was a lot better than the current one; they would have had more success. I was completely let down after seeing how bad the campaign was because the open map idea was what I was looking for in any game, but they failed to keep up with the story part of the campaign. 😔


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