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Shield Hero: RISE
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34 View2024-02-09
Missed apportunity for a real good turnbased rpg. Instead we got this chibi gacha cashgrab. The rising of the sheild hero was better.
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What a waste, if they could have balance the hero pulls and the dice RNG. This could have been the best strategic rpg even been but they choose greed. Each server is dying and this game probably wouldn't last a year. Look at how CRK is very successful even though it's gacha game bec. they aren't selfish and cheap then there's the dang very horrible gacha rng. They should have choosen different style but no they choose a dice and it only have a few side and the chance is .0x percent? the fck? šŸ¤¦ā€ā™‚ļøšŸ¤£
The Goddest of Disappointment
Behind cool-looking modern game that took years to develop and huge amount of work are devs trying to get your money. Gacha is hard to obtain and you also need to get the same operator a few times in order to progress (you also have option to play ONLY SR's or use sync device if they didn't changed that yet). I can forgive a mediocre start when 30% (or even more) operators were bugged. Even lack of content is fine for me. But I just can't take another greedy devs that treat their community as walking money bags.
one of the WORST gacha drop rate turn based RPG since 2021! a total of 15Ɨ times gacha pull and only 1 5 star nat hero but a shitty one, on top! if u are a free user who cant tolerate shitty drop rates, I dont recommend this crap to you at all
Jack Frost2K2022-07-27
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