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SEADOG TEST Update Notice (11)

SEADOG TEST Update Notice (11)

94 View2024-02-20
Drifters, to better maintain the game environment and enhance the gaming experience, we will continue to have major updates every Wednesday. These updates will include bug fixes and additional content. Please note that the game will be temporarily unavailable for one hour during each update.
Scheduled Maintenance: February 21, 2023, 10:00-11:00 (UTC+8)
Contents of Tomorrow's Update:
New Additions:
1.Traces will be left in the Big World after obtaining resources (e.g., tree stumps will be left after chopping trees, ore veins will be left after mining, etc.).
2.Models for Cooking Machines level 2 and
Improved feedback when killing enemies.
Bug Fixes:
1.Fixed the issue where players couldn't enter the game after clicking login on the login page (Thanks to players DanielFalconSlayer51 and Nonname for reporting the bug).
2.Corrected the display error of motivational messages.
3.Resolved the issue where the character would experience camera shaking while standing on a carpet.
We apologize for any bugs encountered in the game. There are still many issues and shortcomings in the beta testing phase, and we welcome players to provide feedback and suggestions through Discord. We hope to continually improve the gaming experience for all players. Thank you for your love and support for Driftopia!
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