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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III
The Walking Dead's Michonne Joins COD: Modern Warfare 3 with Deadly Swords!

The Walking Dead's Michonne Joins COD: Modern Warfare 3 with Deadly Swords!

4K View2024-02-28

The most recent addition to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 introduces the eagerly awaited The Walking Dead Michonne bundle, showcasing the deadly katana and other exciting features. This update unveils a range of enhancements, including a new character model, weapon variations, tracers, finishing moves, and additional features.
Of particular note within the bundle is the inclusion of Michonne's legendary katana, renowned for its formidable effectiveness in the hands of adept players. The captivating video presentation immerses viewers in an exhilarating exploration of the bundle's attributes, exemplified by the skillful utilization of the katana to achieve remarkable feats, notably showcased through an impressive knife-centric killing spree.

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