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Anime adaptation game, is it worth?

Anime adaptation game, is it worth?

658 View2024-03-02
Another anime adaptation game.. (usually 2month hype then forgotten)
Gonna do honest review from this game (fifa/football manager games better ofc)
👍 Pros:
1. Easy to reroll, <1 Minutes done, you can just finish the quest first on 1 account and then back to menu,delete player data and do reroll again (6k diamond, 40x gacha)
2. Kinda unique game, its a gacha game but with different gameplay than usual gacha game
3. Can do full auto if u sucks at play football games (probably everyone gonna use full auto too tho)
👎 Cons:
1. Its adaptation from anime, a football game so most likely there wont be a new 3* character? since they cant just add costume to the player right? imagine if they already add character from the anime to the game,what new chara they gonna add? there wont be a summer rin itoshi etc tho
2. I dont like when ingame you can clearly see the GK blocked the ball but in animation its a goal, i mean i know its for simplified gameplay but still
3.The full Auto AI is not that good, also i think theres no GK character? i dont watch the anime nor read the manga tho
4. Very lag even u have good devices, lots of bug if u play on low mode ( character left eyes usually broken)
5. As i said before its adaptation from anime,so the story is just like the anime
6/10 for me, probably just not my type of game?
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Nice game this is, i can say if u like Captain Tsubasa Ace and like football this game is for u specially. This game is not everywhere now but with using vpn this is not problem. Graphics: better than Fifa Mobile lil bit, Gameplay:  Good, Events:Very good, P2W: im very suprised, this game is not p2w (suprised bcuz its Electronic Arts). Cons: not in game that much (u cant effect to match that much), because of this sometimes this game is boring. But its a must play for football fans.
It's a great game but...
I stream it earlier on The game itself is similar to MHW but in a very anime form. Storyline isn't finish yet so I can't really say much on the story. 👎 Cons: The graphic is something that's a bit bother for me. My phone can handle heavy graphic games on high settings with 60 fps (unless they dont have 60fps) The graphic on this game is not very.. optimized yet? I played it on high, it went from 60 fps to 10 fps, played it on medium, around 25 fps and on low around 60 fps which is strange.
Hirotaka Akira5K2023-09-27
👍 Pros: The gameplay is super fun, it's not just a simulator you can somewhat play a proper football game has pass,press,shot buttons. Every character has a special skill like chigiri's speed , Bachira's dribbling, Rio's defence breaking pass. You've to time the skills perfectly for it to work with proper skill animations like anime Tutorial phase is like 5-10mins so rerolling is easy The game gives you about 5 free multis to start with(1 more if you log in 2days)
Shikachidota Sss12K2024-03-04
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