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104 View2024-03-13
The game is a decent addiction, one of the better ones after Pokemon Go and The Witcher(shutted down)
The animations are well made dodge,weapon attacks,monster attacks, dodge etc
The storyline is alright also, the quests in general
Graphics are good too from locations, monsters to gear
It gets repeatedly easily like the rest of the games
Big fan of the franchise but i don't believe the game will stay up for long better games have shutted down.
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Its a very good game and it can be addicting to same people, it has pretty good graphics and not bad game play
Legend Sapp342023-12-28
The game can really get addicting along the way. Awesome!
The game has a feature with manual or auto attacking upon contact, which gives variety to each people who has a different kind of playstyle to one. I believe they also have a promo for pre-registering the game, so I would really recommend this game because the gameplay is awesome! The graphics can be a bit on the 8-bit side, but the animation really gives it off. That makes it really addictive to play.
Green Scavenger6K2023-03-02
Games good and it can get addictive at times but it gets hard to do the story because you have to upgrade and buy so many things and it gets repetitive as hell but the art style is great the story is good and its overall good but its hard to navigate and use at t
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