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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
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185 View2024-03-27
👍 Pros: Nice MOBA game with unique heroes from many races, classes and power. A various gorgeous costumes
🎮 Gameplay: Pretty nice skill visual and costume effect
🎨 Graphics: Good graphic, good map, nice heroes with lots of collaboration costumes
👎 Cons:
1. 🕹️ Controls: Delay skill casting. Hard to optimized and get accustomed to when u have already played another MoBa game likes Honor Of King or Arena Of Valor
2. Toxic social media and chat
3. The costume buff the power of heroes which make me dislike this game. Make this game into p2w
Mentioned games
Sky Reaper
Sky Reaper

Unfair and unbalanced Matchmaking, toxic and noob teammates, high ping even when you have a good internet connection.


Kent Enopia
Kent Enopia

I recommend playing moba arena of valor the best moba, balance heroes many event and no toxic players that why I love playing arena of valof


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👍 Pros: It is actually a very good MOBA, I was kinda introduced to MOBA genre by this game, the visuals, music, the art style. They have very much improved on the user interface as of 2017, it is indeed top of it's genre at least in mobile. 👎 Cons: It can be overwhelming to new players, as it is with all MOBA games, but since it has so much content, you might suffer at first if you are unfamiliar to it's play style.
That Stubborn Guy 1332024-03-22
👎 Cons: The most p2w moba I've ever played. gold money is useless and can't buy op characters L op characters can only be obtained through gacha such as killua, adult luffy, sage naruto, advanced goku and etc even a f2p person will have difficulty having many characters because the character path process is very long. character is very important in moba because it is the foundation of the team for character counters, combo variations and meta
👍 Pros: The game is very strategic and emphasizes on teamwork and balanced formation. Equipments, heroes and overall system of the game are all so impressive. 👎 Cons: Matchmaking is horrible, gacha is broken! And most of all bug issues particularly with network/wifi is infuriating and annoying. 🕹️ Controls: Control is smooth, graphics are top notch and character designs are pretty decent. 💰 Value for Money: Most people like me spend alot in game just to get shitty skins in the end, like how hard it is? To give the skins of the heroes that we use? That is so unfair and sneaky! Screw the gacha system!
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