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Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys
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31 View2024-04-19
Classic game i like it
🎮 Gameplay: 10/10 I hate grass
đŸŽĩ Sound: 10/10
đŸ‘Ĩ Multiplayer: 8/10
📖 Storyline: 7/10 too short
This game needs a big update
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I like this game 🎮 Gameplay: 10/10 📖 Storyline: 9/10 🕹ī¸ Controls: 10/10 on PS 🎨 Graphics: 10/10 đŸŽĩ Sound: 9/10 đŸ‘Ĩ Multiplayer: 8/10 (long matchmaking)
Gameplay : 7/10 Graphic : 6/10 Story, Music, Voice Acting : 6/10 QoL ,UI : 9/10 Conclusion : say what you want ,but to low spec device player this is the ultimate game, its fun and thats all
Hmmmm. My experience was at this game but I want more mods and features at this point 🎮 Gameplay: 8/10 📖 Storyline: 3/10 there is no storyline 👎 Cons: I'm little noob 🕹ī¸ Controls: 9/10 add new features 🎨 Graphics: 9/10 excellent 💰 Value for Money: 7/10 By the all things are good đŸ’¯
PRO ADITYA1592024-05-26
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