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tabs review for mobile

tabs review for mobile

50 View2024-04-21
Hey everyone I'm back I managed to get a demo for tabs on mobile it's actually really great it's buggy but it's in the demo/alpha stage but I hope they ad more units after this comes out and it's amazing that there making a mobile game because of all the ripoffs on the app store and play store we can finally cause chaos in tabs mobile pre install now 9/10 it whould be 10/10 if there wasn't bugs
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suuuure lmao


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This game is really fun to play and satisfying. And i can create my own unit, i give this 5 stars. I agree if TABS released on mobile i can't wait for that.
Bruh V2K2022-12-09
Tabs good news
So guys since the past time I’ve texted I didn’t know as much about things about the mobile version of tabs but I can tell you that good things are well to come. They might release it sometime this year hopefully earlier this year and give this beautiful game to us, and they are working on it superbly and they are doing well. So the game might be close but don’t yet let your breath out because I and the other’s still don’t know yet when the game is to come.
For the record, this game is fun and amazing. I do recommend playing as a pc player, this version will be the same with the option to change the graphics just like the pc version. For the people asking in the ratings section, the game is NOT free and so will cost money to play like the pc or console versions. Please stop asking the developers of the mobile version of tabs to make the game free as landfall is an indie game company who need to earn money for their company and the company bringing this game to mobile. There is also no release date at this time as the game is still in development so please stop asking them that and look into the frequently asked question where they answer most of the important questions.
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