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46 View2024-04-21
With the lack of AAA titles on mobile, this game could become exactly what we need for the mobile gaming market to finally receive the respect it deserves from naysayers who mock mobile gaming.The game has great potential! I loved the music, the atmosphere and the fresh look on the character design that doesn’t look like every other game on the market. Looking forward to the full release, but until then I’ll be following it’s progression, thank you for the preview (:
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The gameplay caught me off guard, it felt so smooth and fun and once fully released with a few optimizations it will be a fantastic mobile game, it has a very massive potential but there were a few bugs I've noticed like camera suddenly getting stuck on one position and suddenly clipping under the map, but overall it will be a fun game and it looks like it has a big map with ton of quests waiting for us players to enjoy... Hope to see you all once the game releases 👍
Hagata Nomura1K2023-04-17
The fact that this is just a demo of the full game is incredible. The bast graphics that i ever played on mobile, and the gameplay is very good, looking forward to the full game release.😀
Finally this game will be on mobile! I love this game so much!
I already played this game on another platform and this is my favorite. When I saw that this will be available on mobile it really made me excited and I can’t wait to play this one! I really love this one and I will definitely wait for this game. The graphics of the game also look amazing and very nice. I actually told this to my friends and they also can’t wait for this game to be released.
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