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Max Payne
MAX PAYNE - The forgotten hero who pioneered the video game industry

MAX PAYNE - The forgotten hero who pioneered the video game industry

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Max Payne trilogy, has pioneered the upcoming AAA games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 for Rockstar Games, Alan Wake and Control with Quantum Break for Remedy. The trilogy, unarguably, are the blueprint of Rockstar Games including ragdoll mechanics, revolutionize high level of details in the video game industry, it was a blueprint that connected great writing and depth with a simple concept of a man with nothing to lose with great gameplay. Which, it was used in the development of Red Dead Redemption 2. Now, the showtime has started for the readers.
MAX PAYNE - The tragic detective of Hoboken
"I don't know about angels, but it is fear that give men wings."
Max Payne firstly introduced to the public when it's demo released in 1998, developed by Remedy and publish by Rockstar, it took at last five years for the development team to release the game. The game was so success that when it was released at Japan, a country that unfavored action games, it was so popular in the Japanese, that they remembered Max Payne's quotes.
Max Payne success came from its revolutionize in gameplay, story-telling. It would be mind blowing for a 2001 teenager to play the game, and fighting outnumbering crooks with only a pistol. They would felt like a badass hero, in a tragic story of a detective.
Acknowledging this success, Take Two Interactive had funded for Remedy at least 10 million dollars to develop a sequel.
2008, it releases. Somehow, a failure?
Sam Lake, the creative director of both games realize the failure came from the approach of Remedy's marketing team, as the game only sold 150,000 copies, which can't replicate the 18,000,000 copies sale that the precessor made. So, the company, follow Sam Lake's risky decision to sold the copyright of Max Payne to Rockstar, in order to earn enough money for renting a new office, and developing a horror game named Alan Wake.
Rockstar Games, a company that didn't have experience with the Max Payne trilogy, decided to made it in their own way and still follow the story of Sam Lake.
"Max Payne arrived in the city of Sao Paulo, as he faced the crimes and the gray shades of human ethics."
Max Payne 3 was the first title in the entirety of Rockstar Games Franchise that are actually important in game design, development of several upcoming games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 or GTA 5.
Complex, yet so realistic like Euphoria physics. Level of details that show Rockstar's artistic choice to leaning it more and more realistic way. Graphics that are great and easily optimized. It simply show how Max Payne 3 are important in the game industry, without Max Payne 3, there won't be an realistic Red Dead Redemption 2 or GTA 5. Yet, it failed in sales. Only sold three million copies in total.
Max Payne was the forgotten detective, a tragic hero of the game industry that pioneered it. Yet, he will never reach the success he deserved.
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