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Legend City
nice game tho

nice game tho

34 View2024-05-13
Simple game. It's fun to destroy someone else's city. There isn't very much to the game. Build, level up, fight, repeat. You can skip most content by pressing the "Auto" button. Still a fun little time waster. Generous free diamonds and gold. You don't really have to spend any money unless you want to. Game doesn't make the level up system complex which is great.
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Extremely boring game . A typical city builder with little to no strategy. It's not Age of Empires . Nice graphics a lot menus and daily useless rewards that you need to click . IT'S A WASTE OF TIME . DON'T SPEND YOUR MONEY FOR SHALLOW GAMES LIKE THIS ONE . Have a nice day guys.
Really a fun little game with simple graphics. I had my fun playing this game and just beating random people up getting stronger, getting stronger equipment, stronger weapons and just spamming explosives. Of course there could be a little more to explore on the map like more stores or just also more ways to earn money because that's sometimes a bit of a grind. But in the end I can defenitly say the game was fun.
Gameplay is great I got to end game but unfortunately it lacks contents as well it's demanding alot of money for small upgrades like skills/gems ect if Ur not willing to pay 1000$+ don't play this game it's awful :
Abd el karim Maghraoui1K2023-04-04
Nine Sols
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