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Finale i beat All main levels! 😀

Finale i beat All main levels! 😀

340 View2024-05-25
If you are a New Player and want to beat some demons, startwith The nightmare, platinum adventure, Unite... dont giveup!
(FOR my opinion is ToE2 the Hardest main level and clupstep the easiest main level demon)
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Geometry Dash is a game, that allows user created levels. With such a simple control scheme it wouldn't seem like levels could be too tough, but some are extremely challenging. Here are the 5 hardest levels that have been beaten. #5: Kyouki by Demishio Kyouki is an extremely hard level, featuring fast, tight, taps! Only 4 people have ever completed it! It used to be the 3rd hardest level. #4: Slaughterhouse by icedcave
Very good game i love it very well 5 stars.But why when his demon side unlock he killed his best friend or his girl friend i dont really know anyway why does the game finish there and he cant defeat the final boss which killed his parents he unlocked his demon side killed his best friend and cannot finish the final boss makes no sense i was looking forward to killing the last boss what a disappointment  4 stars then
Devindra Oudit3292023-12-02
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