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ARK: Survival Evolved
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319 View2024-06-21
This massive open world game as lots of good things to go with it with it also being an MMO definitely a must try the reason I'm only giving it four stars you'll see eventually the gameplay itself has great graphics great soundtrack great music and everything the gameplay is actually very fun and it's difficult at first but it is very funΒ 
πŸ‘ Pros: great mechanics
πŸ‘ Pros: vast open world with lots of things to do such as creating your own house and base to tameΒ  your own dinosaurs
πŸ‘ Pros: can join with friends and have fun
πŸ‘Ž Cons: mobile device needs a better compatibility and shouldn't take up that much space at least maybe one or two gigabytes not up to five
πŸ‘Ž Cons: possible chances of exploiters ruining your fun
πŸ‘₯ Multiplayer: this game is not beginner friendly to not download this game if you are going to get easily upset if your place get raided because it will happen
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