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Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters

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A 2D Pixel art roguelike action shooter top down game.

As the bounty hunters crash land on Planet Zero while fleeing their pursuers, they discover that this seemingly desolate world holds dark secrets and ancient technology. Unravel the planet's mysteries, forge alliances, and make fateful decisions that will shape the outcome of their struggle for survival and escape.

1. Mechanical Marvel: Take control of the formidable spider-shaped combat mech, known as the "ExoArachnid." This versatile and upgradable machine is your lifeline, featuring an array of weapons, defensive mechanisms, and movement abilities.

2. Intense Combat: Engage in fast-paced top-down shooting action against waves of relentless enemies. Utilize your bounty hunters' skills and the ExoArachnid's firepower to strategically outmaneuver and overpower your foes.

3. Resource Gathering: Explore the alien landscapes of Planet Zero to gather essential resources that fuel your mech's abilities and upgrades. Unearth rare materials and salvage parts from defeated enemies to enhance your arsenal.

4. Semi-Procedural Generation: Each playthrough offers a fresh experience with semi-procedural generated levels, enemy placements, and environmental challenges. No two runs are alike, ensuring replayability and excitement.

5. Perk System: Discover and earn a wide range of semi-procedural generated perks as you progress. Tailor your playstyle with synergies by selecting from a variety of enhancements that cater to different strategies and preferences.

6. Epic Boss Battles: Confront formidable boss creatures that guard the planet's secrets and pose a significant challenge. Adapt your tactics and uncover their weaknesses to emerge victorious.

7. Unlockable Secrets: Delve into the mysteries of Planet Zero as you uncover hidden areas, lore-rich story fragments, and cryptic items that provide insight into the planet's history and your bounty hunters' predicament.

ExoArachnid Escapade: Planet Zero offers an enthralling blend of roguelike mechanics, intense action, and strategic decision-making. With its unique characters, powerful mech combat, and procedurally generated challenges, players will embark on a gripping journey through a visually captivating pixelated universe, where teamwork, upgrades, and adaptability are key to overcoming the odds and carving a path to freedom.
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Bounty Hunters is updated at 2023-08-21.

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The provider of Bounty Hunters is AntiCodec.

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