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Banner of Juno: New Origins

Juno: New Origins

ScienceEducationSandboxLevel EditorAutomationReplay ValueRealisticFlight
After six years of development, what began as a simple rocket simulator has become a comprehensive aerospace sandbox in which you can bring to life anything you can imagine - from rockets, airplanes, ...
Banner of BQM - BlockQuest Maker Remastered

BQM - BlockQuest Maker Remastered

Pixel GraphicsLegoSandboxGame DevelopmentLevel EditorAutomationAction RPGVoxel
BQM, the dungeon creator where you can make and play original mazes is back with new and improved graphics! You can now turn your ideas into playable dungeons like those in puzzle RPGs, without the ne...
Banner of How To Hack In?

How To Hack In?

SandboxArtificial IntelligenceProcedural GenerationChoices MatterProgramming2DInvestigationEarly Access
Real-time hacking simulator.Real-time hacking simulator that imitates real life hacking methodology and tools.Use tools and techniques like ssh-crack, sql injecton, social engineering, stack overfl...
Banner of Traffic Brains 2

Traffic Brains 2

You will need to optimize traffic flow. Preprogram traffic light patterns, place road signs to divert or block traffic, increase speed where is necessary, hit GO, and watch the traffic flow.You wil...
Banner of U-Sharp: The Unity Coding Learning Game

U-Sharp: The Unity Coding Learning Game

Grid-Based MovementEducationGame DevelopmentStylizedStrategy3DSplit ScreenCasual
Welcome to the revolutionary world of Unity programming education with 'U-Sharp.' U-Sharp is the first-of-its-kind game designed to make learning Unity and C-Sharp fun and engaging.Overview:U-Sharp of...
Banner of Konkan Coast Pirate Solutions

Konkan Coast Pirate Solutions

Konkan Coast Pirate Solutions is a cozy puzzle game about helping pirate ships do pirate things.Solve the ScenariosEach puzzle is a hand-crafted scenario designed to highlight interesting emergent mec...
Banner of Venice After Dark

Venice After Dark

Lore-RichPost-apocalypticArtificial IntelligenceCartoonyInteractive FictionConspiracyDetectiveAlternate History
Meet Aiko, a Japanese IT engineer who is burned out and fed up with her life. She decides to take a break and travel to Venice, the city of romance and mystery. There, she is accompanied by Thea, a .....
Banner of As Planned

As Planned

Pixel GraphicsRetroControllerCasualProgrammingTop-DownSokoban2D
"As Planned" is a new type of Sokoban in which the player solves puzzles by giving instructions to the slime, which repeats the same movements, in the appropriate turns.Slime can only make simple m...
Banner of Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters

Pixel GraphicsCombatFuturisticGame DevelopmentSci-fiTower DefenseAction RoguelikeAction
A 2D Pixel art roguelike action shooter top down game.Storyline:As the bounty hunters crash land on Planet Zero while fleeing their pursuers, they discover that this seemingly desolate world holds ...
Banner of Compicactus


Dating SimConversationAutomationArtificial IntelligenceInteractive FictionCasualProgramming2D
Learn to communicate with Compicactus and have an AI date!Dating is a balancing act, don't talk too much about you, and don't talk too much about your date!Make sure your date feels seen and liste...
Banner of Software Company

Software Company

EconomyIsometricGame DevelopmentConversationReplay ValueCartoonyStrategyCasual
Start your own software companyFrom the early beginnings of the age of videogames - YOU - can literaly play your part in the history of this busines. From out of your garage to the big skyscrapers, y....
Banner of Little Circuit

Little Circuit

Pixel GraphicsAbstractScienceEducationSandboxMinimalistCasualProgramming
Join Our DiscordAbout the GameLittle Circuit invites you to delve into the exciting world of electrical circuits and experience the thrill of creation in a user-friendly virtual environment. As a lo.....
Banner of Starbase


DestructionOpen World Survival CraftRobotsSandboxSci-fiVoxelFPSAction
STATE OF THE GAMEStarbase launches into Early Access in a clear alpha stage, however the core features are well established and there's fun to be had for sure. The next big upcoming updates can be s.....
Banner of Hacker's Life

Hacker's Life

Grand StrategyDarkStrategyChoices Matter3DCraftingProgrammingTime management
Add To WishlistAdd Hacker's Life to your wishlist to be the first to know when you can try the demo version of the game when available.About the GameHacker's Life is a game where you become a hacker.....
Banner of Star Stuff

Star Stuff

AutomationDifficultStrategy3DWholesomeCasualFamily FriendlyProgramming
Star Stuff is a galactic blend of automation and strategic action!Program unique bots and work together in time with them to solve 100+ thoughtfully curated challenges and space-bending puzzles. As a....
Banner of Unprompted


FuturisticEducationConversationArtificial IntelligenceSci-fiDetectivePoint & ClickCasual
Type to guess the words used to create A.I. artworks, while slowly uncovering A.I.'s reflections on its own work. Come investigate more than 1,500 artworks made by A.I. across 7 carefully curated g...
Banner of Moon Magic Array

Moon Magic Array

Lore-RichMetroidvaniaAction RPG2D PlatformerActionStrategyProcedural GenerationRoguelike
Here is an overhead world, made up of seven countries and one sea.There are eight core characters, each with a separate combat system* Land of the Moon: The main character, the Dharma Master, fi...
Banner of Electrogical


Pixel GraphicsRobotsRetroSandboxMechsSci-fiStrategyCats
Jigsaw Puzzle + ArithmeticThis is a puzzle game that combines jigsaw puzzles with arithmetic operations, such as adding or subtracting by 1. Your goal is to arrange the puzzle pieces provided with a.....
Banner of Conge's Crunch Time

Conge's Crunch Time

RobotsFuturisticEducationDark HumorAutomationSci-fiCartoonyConspiracy
You don't know what secrets this organization holds. You're just a middle manager in an organization that wants to take over the kingdom.And you realize that coding is your ticket to power.Queue an...
Banner of Devastated Path

Devastated Path

Pixel GraphicsNoirText-BasedPsychedelicDetectiveHorrorEmotionalVisual Novel
The first chapter of the visual novel Devastated Path will introduce you to the characters and world of the game. In addition to the story, the game will feature optional choices and secret abilitie.....
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