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How To Hack In?

How To Hack In?

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Real-time hacking simulator.
Real-time hacking simulator that imitates real-life hacking methodology and tools.
Use tools and techniques like ssh-crack, sql injecton, social engineering, stack overflow, mimidogz, DNS redirector, metaexploits, memory reader, and others to gain unauthorized access to other devices.
Some computers are easily accessible, while others contain more defenses.

No Coding Knowledge Required
The game does not require coding knowledge for you to have fun.
While referencing real-life tools, games do not require knowledge outside of the game.
You don't have to be a real hacker to play! Never-the-same Experience
Enjoy the dynamically generated world, NPCs, and missions. The generated networks are unique, so keep yourself challenged.
Different websites, different exploits—all of this means your tactics may differ from session to session.Shape the World
Shape the game world with your choices, manipulate the stock market, and hack into characters bank accounts.
Decide if you want to help the NPC and earn a white-hat or black-hat reputation.Interactive Tutorial
Hacking is hard. Even in its simplified form, as in this game, the steps required to successfully break through can be overwhelming.
I got you covered—the interactive tutorial will help you settle into the game. Learn the basics and get prepared for bigger challenges.Resources Management
Carefully manage the available resources, like money, CPU, or RAM.
Upgrade hardware to allow the execution of more parallel operations.
Purchase better wifi to speed up connections and over-the-network operations.
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Red Buffalo Interactive
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When was this game updated?icon

How To Hack In? is updated at 2024-02-15.

Which studio developed this game?icon

The provider of How To Hack In? is Red Buffalo Interactive.

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