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Banner of Darkside


Darkside Hacking is a revolutionary video game that immerses you in the world of hacking. With detailed graphics, intense scenarios, and unique challenges, Darkside Hacking takes you on a high-stakes ...
Banner of Learn Japanese RPG: Hiragana Forbidden Speech

Learn Japanese RPG: Hiragana Forbidden Speech

Pixel GraphicsEducationReplay ValueFunnyLinearJRPGRPGAdventure
Play the free demo!If you like the demo, buy the full game and continue from your last save point!Learning should be an adventureDialogue changes from English to Japanese as you learn and progress in ...
Banner of The Simplest Game in the World

The Simplest Game in the World

Choose Your Own AdventureAbstractText-BasedMinimalistStylizedHidden ObjectLinearInteractive Fiction
"You won't be challenged, here is what's left." —— Toji MolabiThe Simplest Game in the World is a narrative video game that pokes and prods ideas of a game being simple, or being otherwis...
Banner of pWordle


EducationText-BasedTriviaStylizedStrategyCatsCasualFamily Friendly
pWordle is a highly addictive and challenging word puzzle game, available in multiple languages. Inspired by the hit game WORDLE, with its innovative new features, pWordle offers endless hours of fun ...
Banner of Untrusted: hackers at large

Untrusted: hackers at large

1980sRetroText-BasedMinimalistStrategyProcedural GenerationChoices MatterRPG
Step again into the dangerous world of "Untrusted: hackers at large", in this gripping single-player command line adventure that thrusts you into the roles of mysterious hackers. Immerse yourself in a...
Banner of Typing Battle

Typing Battle

Cinematic3D FighterArtificial IntelligenceSci-fiUtilitiesActionRhythmRealistic
"Typing Battle" is a game based on typing speed and accuracy. In this game, players need to use the keyboard to input designated characters in order to defeat their opponents or achieve their goals.T....
Banner of Every Letter

Every Letter

Text-BasedLinearInteractive FictionRealisticEmotionalVisual NovelCasualFamily Friendly
With your typewriter, write letters on behalf of others, and transform their sentiments into words in this cozy single-player letter writing game.Experience the first day of your new job as a lett...
Banner of Suspicious Shuffle: Free For All

Suspicious Shuffle: Free For All

Real Time TacticsTeam-BasedMinimalistCo-op CampaignActionStrategyPuzzle PlatformerCasual
Liked it? Support it!Tickled your pickle? Show support by leaving a review, and wishlisting or purchasing: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1398300/Suspicious_Shuffle/ Thank you in advance, I'm glad...
Banner of RogueType - Typing Game

RogueType - Typing Game

Pixel GraphicsRetroEducationText-BasedMinimalistLinearRoguelikeCasual
RogueType is the first typing game that borrows roguelike elements, while on the surface it looks like a traditional 2D game, it's both familiar and unique because on one hand, you have standard 2D .....
Banner of A Lively Haunt

A Lively Haunt

Pixel GraphicsGore1980sRetroText-BasedShortCo-op CampaignGameMaker
Stranded on the roadside when your car breaks down, you quickly begin to realize that a faulty engine is the least of your troubles. You find yourself surrounded by malicious assailants with strange, ...
Banner of CaseCracker2


Text-BasedPsychological HorrorStrategyConspiracyFirst-PersonDetectivePoint & ClickEditors' choice
Officila social mediaTwitter: BlackRobeIncThe first Episode -“CaseCracker”“CaseCracker 2” is the sequel story of the first episode, between which there lie some connection and relationship. You will ....
Banner of Early-blooming black lily

Early-blooming black lily

RomanceFemale Protagonist2D PlatformerHidden ObjectDetectiveEmotionalVisual NovelLGBTQ+
[Character]....[Story]It may have been the curse of the black lilies that bloomed early in the winter--.It has been 18 years since the new and threatening virus "CLII," which killed more than ...
Banner of How To Hack In?

How To Hack In?

SandboxArtificial IntelligenceProcedural GenerationChoices MatterProgramming2DInvestigationEarly Access
Real-time hacking simulator.Real-time hacking simulator that imitates real life hacking methodology and tools.Use tools and techniques like ssh-crack, sql injecton, social engineering, stack overfl...
Banner of Not Only Nine

Not Only Nine

Lore-RichPsychological HorrorHidden ObjectFunnyChoices MatterCats3DJRPG
The First Human to Die Became DeathYour soul is a cat, journeying to the center of The Afterlife in order to save your human. However, the Reapers will try to stop you. An overpowered ancient being he...
Banner of Kanji Kitchen: Learn Japanese

Kanji Kitchen: Learn Japanese

Pixel GraphicsEducationTriviaDifficultActionSoundtrackCasualFamily Friendly
Welcome to Kanji Kitchen! A unique fusion of cooking and language learning. From mochi-making to mastering Hiragana, Katakana, 2000+ Kanji, and the most essential words, your kitchen is your classroom...
Banner of Unprompted


FuturisticEducationConversationArtificial IntelligenceSci-fiDetectivePoint & ClickCasual
Type to guess the words used to create A.I. artworks, while slowly uncovering A.I.'s reflections on its own work. Come investigate more than 1,500 artworks made by A.I. across 7 carefully curated g...
Banner of Word Dungeons

Word Dungeons

EducationSolitaireCartoonDungeon CrawlerStrategy3DRoguelikeMystery Dungeon
Word Dungeons features classic word game style gameplay with an immersive twist. Grab your letters and try to find as many words as you can. Discover the power of the runes - an ancient power that can...
Banner of Rage Simulator

Rage Simulator

GoreAbstractEducationConversationUtilitiesMedical SimPhilosophicalCasual
Game Description.Rage Simulator is a minimalist hand-drawn beat-em-up simulator.I made this little game for myself and for you guys, sometimes I just want to beat something up.Once the game starts...
Banner of Cryptmaster


Lore-RichStylizedPsychological HorrorDungeon CrawlerAction RPGActionFunnyPsychedelic
Feature List• Say Anything You Want: Interact with the world and conquer quests by typing or speaking any word you can think of - each encounter has multiple solutions to discover!• A Weird, Wild W...
Banner of The Keyboard

The Keyboard

Pixel GraphicsText-BasedTriviaMinimalistCasual2DRelaxingSingleplayer
The game contains 30 different levels for playing.There is a keyboard in each level, all you need to do is enter the correct text or perform the correct operation according to the level hints.But t...
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