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Software Company

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Start your own software company
From the early beginnings of the age of videogames - YOU - can literaly play your part in the history of this busines. From out of your garage to the big skyscrapers, you will create your own videogames, engines and even consoles.

Create your own games, features and even consoles
Pick from a huge list of genres, themes and choose the right features to make your games stand out from the competition. The available options in the beginning are limited, but with time you will develop more and more technical novelties to go from simple text-based games to modern day AAA-blockbusters and even huge MMOs.
Either choose one of many publishers for your game, or take the risk and publish the game on your own.
From advertising to paying famous streamers: How well your game sells ,is all up to your programming-skills and your marketing choices - well and up to the critcs reviewing your games on a "true-to-life" online magazine.

Manage not only your business, be also a good boss
In this game you will not only have to take care of creating games and manage your company, you will also have to talk to your current and - even more important - future employees in an in-depth RPG-like conversation-system. With the right words at the right time, you will maybe even convince the biggest legends of the industry to work for your small, yet lovable company.

Make an impact!
Become the videogame-mogul you ever wanted to be! Grow your empire and buy out the competition. The choice how you will become successfull is all yours. Countless options will be available to grow your company from a small indie-studio to a marketleading softwaregiant!!
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When was this game updated?icon

Software Company is updated at 2023-06-18.

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The provider of Software Company is InkDevStudios.

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No. But you can pre-register Software Company on TapTap.

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