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Dark, intense and cinematic top-down shooter "Confiscator" Invites you to work as a mafia fixer and immerse yourself in a world of filth, blood and violence, where every gunfight can be your last. To avoid death, use protagonist's combat skills to turn your enemies into mincemeat.

Yet the hero's true enemies lurk in the consequences of his indifference to self-destruction, and in this case the firearm will prove useless.

"You are a Confiscator, a debt collector. One day you'll die, but you don't care anymore" - Dr. Okoye.

AI «The Director»
The director actively changes the difficulty of the game so that everyone can enjoy playing it. The director decides how many enemies, weapons, and first-aid kits will appear in the next rooms based on your experience with the previous ones. This way, veterans of the genre will encounter an unexpected hardcore difficulty, while newcomers can easily savor the game

Unique game mechanics
This game will surprise you with elements of shooter, stealth, horror, or even simulator mechanics.

Knowing what players expect from such a game, we did not ignore the violence. You can finish your enemies, shooting their limbs off and enjoying their agony. However, the violence in the gameplay is not the end point, its themes are neatly intergrade in the narrative and soundtrack

Combat system
In "Confiscator" there is no usual mechanics of reloading, having emptied the weapon be ready to find a new one, fortunately, it's of no use to the dead.
When that doesn't help, throwing an empty gun will briefly knock out the enemy, after that you can brutally finish him.
And for those of you who want to feel even cooler, we've added a dash that allows you to dodge enemy shots on the move and while shooting.

Cutscenes and Sound Design
The game features three types of cutscenes:
Those that use in-game sprites
Cutscenes utilizing sound only

The game's narrative is based not only on philosophical works (though it refers to Otto Rank's The Trauma of Birth) but also describes the lives of workaholics/people with OCD. In addition, the narrative gently explores the border between violence against others and oneself

Besides the main character, the game also features other members of the confiscators' organization. Confiscators is an in-game designation for fixers.

Blondie – an impulsive, egotistical. Works as a hitman. Favorite tool is a revolver.
Cameo - can talk about movies for hours. Often quotes obscure movies. Hit man. Prefers a silenced tool.
Slater - a strict older man. Protagonist's mentor, chief of the confiscators' organization. Shotgun aficionado.
Soul - ludomaniac, drug addict, master of knife fighting and torture, hates Blondie
Lulek - is the youngest confiscator. Technician. Most often uses an SMG.
Guzzler - Enjoys soccer, a good sleep, and a hearty drink. In the organization he is a driver, but besides that, he buys information and does the planning
Sylvia Pozzo - is the owner of the Pozzo Club, one of the establishments that generates legal income for the Mafia.
Santino Pozzo - Sylvia's father, a Mafia don, and the main sponsor of the confiscators.
Among the music tracks you will find a wide variety of genres, but the battle part consists mainly of electronic and breakcore.

Perhaps the biggest influence on the project was Max Payne. It's not only about the noir atmosphere, but also about gameplay design decisions, whether it's the list of weapons or the level design.
We were also inspired by Hotline Miami, Call of Duty, Condemned and many cult projects from PS2.

Visual style and colors
Talking about the colors, here's a short list of movie works that are the main color references in the game:
Violent Cop (1989)
Heat (1995)
No Country for Old Men
Outrage (2010)
Directing style
The films of Gaspar Noe, Lars von Trier and Darren Aronofsky became the mainstay of the directing. The techniques used by them in the movies are quite difficult to convey in a top-down shooter, so you can see for yourself how well we did it in the game

We don't know what we will achieved, game release is unpredictable thing. However, it's already clear that, in the case of success, free post-release support for the game will be provided.
So, the first update pack will include voice acting, several game modes, an expanded language list, and special customizations. Subsequent free updates will bring accessibility adjustments for people with disabilities, adding flexible settings, updated graphics and animations.

Thank you for your interest in our game. Best wishes, The Immaterials team.
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When was this game updated?icon

Confiscator is updated at 2024-02-23.

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The provider of Confiscator is The immaterials.

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