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Electronic Music

Electronic Music

Banner of The Impossible Game 2

The Impossible Game 2

Pixel GraphicsAbstractPrecision PlatformerLevel EditorDifficultElectronic Music2D PlatformerAction
Your 12-year wait is over: the original rhythm platform game is back! Test your skills with all-new levels, online battle royale and more.ALL-NEW LEVELS featuring awesome music and crazy new mechani.....
Banner of Rhythm Sprout: Sick Beats & Bad Sweets

Rhythm Sprout: Sick Beats & Bad Sweets

DifficultElectronic MusicActionFunnyRhythmController3DCasual
Rhythm Sprout is a handcrafted fast-paced rhythm action with original music and a wacky story mode.- Step to the rhythm / Fight to the beat- Remix levels with modifiers- Follow a quirky self-aware...
Banner of Fretless - The Wrath of Riffson

Fretless - The Wrath of Riffson

Pixel GraphicsCombatInstrumental MusicMusic-Based Procedural GenerationElectronic MusicRhythmControllerRPG
Play as Rob, a friendly musician trying to restore harmony in an off-tuned world where wacky villains are corrupting music.Rick Riffson, boss of the evil Super Metal Records company, is using the...
Banner of No Numbers

No Numbers

Grid-Based MovementAbstractFuturisticMinimalistStylizedElectronic MusicHex GridStrategy
No Numbers is a minimalist, hex-based puzzle game that will rekindle your love for numbers!In No Numbers you move numbered tiles around a hex grid, combining them until there are none left. Master...
Banner of Temporis Arts

Temporis Arts

AbstractDifficultElectronic Music2D PlatformerRhythmCasual2DEarly Access
"Music is Art, Temporis is in Tempo!"Temporis Arts is a game in which you press keys along a grid that rotates on a disk, and in tempo to the music.You can press any of the assigned keys - as long ...
Banner of Super Star Shooter 16

Super Star Shooter 16

AbstractFuturisticRetroMinimalistElectronic MusicActionBullet HellProcedural Generation
Battle your way through the audio-verse.On-Rail ShooterSuper Star Shooter 16 takes its cues from early arcade and 3d games. This means that player follows along a fixed course and is responsible for d...
Banner of Graphsx


Pixel GraphicsAbstractCharacter Action GameRetroPrecision PlatformerMinimalistDifficultElectronic Music
Advisory to Photosensitive: This game may potentially contain seizure triggers for photosensitives.What is Graphsx, you ask to me.Some years ago, TVs had a huge image tube in the back. It was usefu...
Banner of RINA:rhythmERROR


RetroElectronic MusicRhythm2DMusic
RINA RhythmERROR is a two-dimensional + retro electronic style rhythm gameDifferent from traditional audio games, the wrong melody will bring players a complete story under the setting of the world v....
Banner of DJ Clicker - World Tour

DJ Clicker - World Tour

1980sAutomationIdlerStylizedElectronic MusicCartoonyStrategyPsychedelic
DJ Clicker - World Tour is a game about you and what you're gonna do with your life.You can travel the world and become a famous star DJ, but you need to have the energy for it. Hit the lights an...
Banner of Untitled Rhythm Puzzle Game

Untitled Rhythm Puzzle Game

Grid-Based MovementCompetitivePartyElectronic MusicFunnyRhythmSouls-likeCasual
Dungeoneer Games are proud to launch our first ever title: ‘Untitled Rhythm Puzzle Game’. No that's not a mistake, someone in the marketing department thought this was actually a good idea!Untitled .....
Banner of Music Power Up

Music Power Up

Pixel Graphics1980sRetroMusic-Based Procedural GenerationGame DevelopmentHistoricalSoftwareElectronic Music
As a musician in the 1980s, create music and sound effects for video game releases! Meet programmers, editors, innovators, all passionate about their own projects, in the crazy decade that started the...
Banner of BrickBounce


Pixel GraphicsLevel EditorSide ScrollerDungeon CrawlerElectronic Music2D PlatformerSportsBullet Hell
Hit the button corrrectly when the ball is upcoming to the brick , make the sounds right , you could play songs without the ability of playing an instrument!You could also make your own level with...
Banner of OctaRace


Pixel GraphicsFuturisticRetroArtificial IntelligenceStylizedLocal MultiplayerElectronic Music4 Player Local
OctaRace is an explosive racing video game, it pays tribute to the good old multiplayer titles like MicroMachines, offering fun and intense races.Enjoy a family-friendly arcade experience with quick.....
Banner of Nightscape City

Nightscape City

Grid-Based MovementPixel GraphicsIsometricSci-fiElectronic MusicRhythmTime managementCharacter Customization
Improve your club with various items. Place objects on Isometric Grid based plane.SpeakersMixersCountersLightsDance TubesFurnituresWallsSeperatorsFloorsIncrease the luxury level of y...
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