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Follow usHi investigators, we are Meow-Natural Studio.
This is our first TRPG game called "Depersonalization," which is similar to COC role-playing game.
The game is currently in the EA stage and we are working hard towards the official release.
Feedback ChannelHere you can find and supervise us:
TwitterWe will post specific progress updates and answer questions every week.
YoutubeWe will try to release 1-2 videos per month to showcase our progress and daily work.
Google DocsYou can provide feedback and suggestions here, and we will collaborate with everyone online to address them.
DiscordCome chat with us! 🙂
Translation IssueRegarding the translation quality issue raised by some investigators before,
we understand that for a story-driven game, translation quality directly affects immersion in the game.
Therefore, starting from July this year, we have hired a professional translation team to refine the game text translations.
Currently, "Moonshade Monolith" and "Far Hope Park" have been implemented. By the end of December, we will launch refined translations for "All-in-One and One-in-All" as well as "Lies and Fraud," gradually replacing our initial poor translations.
About the GameDepersonalization is a COC-like RPG. TRPG! Dice! Cthulhu! Bad End! Multi-branch! A different world starting from zero!
The game consists of multiple modules, each of which has multiple endings and branch routes, striving to build a diverse, themed world.

Players can create a variety of characters, and advance the story through free exploration, investigation, reasoning, selection and other actions, and finally reach the end.

No rigid growth system, all attribute are served with narrative.
Character's attributes will influence the direction of the story, which allows players to experience a more multi-faceted plot. Maybe someone with low attributes is more likely to trigger incredible events.

There will be a lot of choices in the story module. Different players can reach various plots and endings. These experiences eventually come together and form a complete story with ups and downs.
But it is worth mentioning that you are playing a role, and the character's 'personality' and 'experience' will influence your choices.
No matter investigation modules, infinite modules,plain text modules or strange story modules, it will be supported in different modes.

Completely break away from the traditional battle template. Flexible options in the battle will allow you to create different worlds of their own.
We are the prisoners of fate. However, occasionally we can make a big difference and create miracles!
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I have never played a horror RPG like this before - Depersonalization Quick Review
PLAY IT OR SKIP IT? Depersonalization absolutely deserves to be played, but you may want to wait until the game is out of early access, which is expected to be around a year from now. Depersonalization is truly one of the strangest and most fascinating games I’ve played this year. It blends pen-and-paper RPG mechanics, anime aesthetics, the Lovecraft mythos, and Chinese philosophy all into a singular package. And that package may have some serious scuffs, but it’s still frankly incredible to behold.
I have never played a horror RPG like this before - Depersonalization Quick Review
Depersonalization Reviews
I have never played a horror RPG like this before - Depersonalization Quick Review
Fighting Gods to save your timeline
Still in Early Access, but the concept looks neat | Depersonalization - First Impressions
Fighting Gods to save your timeline
Well, not gonna lie, this game felt like a doozy. But before I go in further detail I gotta say first that this game is still on Early Access, so you're gonna see a few bugs here and there, like some uncomplete animations, some soft locks and so on, but from what I've seen they deal with the bugs fairly quickly when they get reported, so I'm pretty sure by the time they fully launch it, which they say it will be approximately in about a year
Fighting Gods to save your timeline
Still in Early Access, but the concept looks neat | Depersonalization - First Impressions
At face value, Depersonalization’s aesthetic and general feeling unquestionably reminded me of the many anime visual novel games I’ve played before: the chilling soundtrack, the eerie anime art, the intriguing story elements, and the various choices you are presented in the game. Anime-wise, the art style is a mix of gothic, medieval, and noir, with heavy use of lovecraftian elements. However, behind all that impressive eye-candy is a game that is indeed an example of a true Early Access game, If i’m judging by its heavily unfinished state.
Still in Early Access, but the concept looks neat | Depersonalization - First Impressions


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Depersonalization is updated at 2024-02-03.

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The provider of Depersonalization is MeowNature.

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