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Fantasy Senate Simulator

Fantasy Senate Simulator

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Create a political party, win elections, pass laws, govern, even go to war with your neighbors in this senate simulator with a fantasy twist.Key FeaturesSenate simulation with laws having to pass through committees, senators switching sides, delaying votes by filibuster, assassinations, vetoes and more Nation simulation where government expenses need to be balanced and laws, policies, events, all have an effect on the economy, health, freedom, and even the political factions that the population supports Win elections by cleverly spending your resources on senate campaigns that have a better chance of winning. Make decisions on whether to build support through a loud protest or bipartisan speeches Plot and intrigue to take out your opponents either through assassination, harassment, or just imprison them if your party is strong enough When your party forms the government; manage foreign relations, build alliances, go to war, return the Republic to its former glory and dominate the continent Hundreds of events and chaining story events where choices matter Every character has traits, ambitions, and remembers events leading to generative stories keeping the game unique with every playthroughStoryLong ago a human kingdom, during an impressive golden age, expanded greatly eventually conquering and occupying all the other races and nearly all of the continent as a despotic empire. A century or two after the empires founding ancient ruined gates gradually activated one by one with hordes of demons marching through on a path of annihilation. Great battles were fought, lands were decimated, but the empire finished as the victor and outlawed the use of all but the most basic of magic in the land. Yet the demon war had caused too much devastation and the empire could not hold together with many breaking away to form their own kingdoms. Soon even the emperor was deposed and a Republic, ruled by an elected senate, was put in place preserving what was left of the empire. Over the centuries the scars of the demon war began to fade and many have begun to explore the lost arts of magic even while others make new scientific discoveries and invent fantastic machines. Now, the Republic has begun to fracture again as tensions between races flare, those who seek technological advancement or investigation of magic argue, and the offspring of the demons demand integration and acceptance into the society. It will be up to you to navigate these fractured times, lead your party to victory, and develop the nation into a mighty power.
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Purri Cat Studio
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Fantasy Senate Simulator is updated at 2024-01-23.

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The provider of Fantasy Senate Simulator is Purri Cat Studio.

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