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Political Sim

Political Sim

Banner of Beecarbonize


EconomyScienceCapitalismSurvivalActionStrategyChoices MatterRoguelike
Do you have what it takes to save the planet? Beecarbonize is an environmental card strategy game with climate change as your opponent. Research cutting-edge technologies, enact policies, protect ecos...
Banner of Do Not Feed The Monkeys

Do Not Feed The Monkeys

Pixel GraphicsDark HumorMatureFunnyStrategyChoices MatterMultiple EndingsPoint & Click
You are invited to join “The Primate Observation Club”, where you will observe the lives of caged monkeys and carefully analyze the information obtained.GLOSSARY OF TERMS:THE PRIMATE OBSERVATION...
Banner of Simulator of Ukraine 1991

Simulator of Ukraine 1991

Lore-RichEconomyReal Time TacticsGrand StrategyCapitalismStrategyAlternate HistoryTop-Down
This game is a global strategy, which is primarily focused on Ukraine after leaving the Soviet occupation. Here you will be given control of Ukraine with the opportunity to change history and interven...
Banner of Green New Deal Simulator

Green New Deal Simulator

EconomyFuturisticEducationDark HumorCapitalismStylizedClass-BasedCasual
The Green New Deal Simulator is a tiny deck-building game about the biggest challenge of our time: climate change. Your goal is to transition the United States to a post-carbon economy while ensuring ...
Banner of Organs Please

Organs Please

GorePost-apocalypticFuturisticColony SimStylizedSurvivalStrategyChoices Matter
WISHLIST OUR NEXT POST-APOCALYPTIC GAME!https://store.steampowered.com/app/1306770/Revival_Recolonization/About the GameEarth’s population is on the verge of a global resource crisis. Can you build...
Banner of A Game You Can Afford In This Economy

A Game You Can Afford In This Economy

RetroMinimalistConversationCapitalismPsychologicalInteractive FictionChoices MatterMultiple Endings
DescriptionYou wake up in your squalid apartment. Your phone screen is horribly cracked, and the alarm won't shut off. You're so tired... you aren't even sure which job you're supposed to go to today....
Banner of King Of The Castle

King Of The Castle

Turn-Based TacticsChoose Your Own AdventureGrand StrategyMinimalistStylizedDynamic NarrationStrategyChoices Matter
Become the Monarch in this medieval party game and navigate a hilarious world of politics, treachery, and all-out rebellion, as your decisions see an empire flourish or come crashing to your feet....
Banner of The Third Age

The Third Age

Turn-Based TacticsRetroCartoonAgricultureHeistTurn-Based StrategyStrategyForeign
THE THIRD AGE is a realistic SLG game based on adventures happened in a magical land that is full of mystery and competence. Players will rise from a page and forge themselves into the lords of the la...
Banner of Civilization Simulator

Civilization Simulator

Text-Based2D PlatformerTurn-Based StrategyProcedural GenerationAlternate HistoryMultiple EndingsPoint & ClickVisual Novel
The rise and fall of civilizations, in the span of a click.Welcome to "Civilization Simulator" - a simple yet deep casual game. Every click you make will determine the fate of a civilization....
Banner of Fantasy Senate Simulator

Fantasy Senate Simulator

Pixel GraphicsEconomySandboxCartoonCapitalismTurn-Based StrategyStrategyChoices Matter
Create a political party, win elections, pass laws, govern, even go to war with your neighbors in this senate simulator with a fantasy twist.Key FeaturesSenate simulation with laws having to pass thro...
Banner of Suzerain


Text-BasedStylizedInteractive storyStrategyRPGDiplomacyCasualEditors' choice
As President Rayne, lead the nation of Sordland in your first term of this text-based RPG. Navigate a political drama driven by conversations with your cabinet members. With looming war, rooted corrup...
Banner of Victoria 3

Victoria 3

EconomyGrand StrategySandboxHistoricalCapitalismReplay ValueReal-Time with PauseStrategy
Get your Grand Edition today!Get the full experience of Victoria 3 with the Grand Edition, which includes the base game as well as the expansion pass, including:Melodies for the Masses Music Pack...
Banner of Goblins of Elderstone

Goblins of Elderstone

God Game4XGrand StrategyColony SimStylizedSurvivalStrategy3D
RoadmapAbout the GameGoblins of Elderstone brings a unique and chaotic twist to the city-building genre - it’s a Goblin Tribe Simulator! Are you ready to embrace the chaos of goblin life? As the lead....
Banner of RPG Town

RPG Town

IsometricColony SimFunnyCartoonyProcedural GenerationChoices MatterRPGMultiple Endings
Welcome to RPG Town, a lighthearted management sim where you run a small fantasy-game town, converting local businesses to serve rowdy adventurers!These adventurers are looking for typical RPG...
Banner of Electoral Dynasty

Electoral Dynasty

EconomyReal Time TacticsText-BasedStylizedStrategyChoices MatterMultiple EndingsDiplomacy
Become the Prime Minister of one of many nations, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. You must keep your job by balancing the agenda of the various parties forming your coalition while also en...
Banner of Editor's Hell

Editor's Hell

Pixel GraphicsChoose Your Own AdventureStrategyChoices MatterAlternate HistoryMultiple EndingsPoint & ClickPolitics
Editor's HellYou just became the editor for a newspaper in a troublesome country. First, you have to make a choice. Will you support the government or will you go against it? Supporting the governmen....
Banner of Tax-Force


TacticalCombatConversationCapitalismComic BookSci-fiActionSuperhero
The planet is in debt.In a final, desperate attempt to repay the debt on Farset 13’s Solar Shield, you are invited to lead Tax-Force - an elite department of heavily armed treasurers, granted emer...
Banner of PIXELS


Pixel GraphicsAbstractTeam-BasedMinimalistConversationIdlerBattle RoyaleCasual
Join our Discord communityThere you can share your pixel art, find a team, report bugs and keep up with all the news!DISCORDAbout the GamePIXELS is the new way of pixel battles.FeaturesOne world ca...
Banner of Mobocratic Union

Mobocratic Union

SandboxInteractive FictionStrategyRPGPoliticsCharacter CustomizationNonlinearPolitical Sim
Welcome to Mobocratic Union, a thrilling political simulation game where you'll navigate the vast world of politics. As the President, you'll leave the confines of a small, deserted island and venture...
Banner of Plowing


Pixel GraphicsDarkPsychological HorrorChoices MatterPoint & ClickAtmosphericViolentPolitical Sim
You are the new Chief of the Secret Police in a small town. Your job is to exterminate a hostile mass of people who is against the new regime.Every day you have to fulfill the plan for the numbe...
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