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Lunar Ascendant

Lunar Ascendant

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Take on the mantle of leadership and venture into a future where mankind has expanded its frontier to the Moon. Lunar Ascendant is a narrative-driven political simulation and role-playing game that thrusts you into the heart of a burgeoning lunar society as the first democratically elected mayor of the lunar colony megacity, Artemis.

In this immersive text-based simulation, your decisions shape the future of humanity's first lunar city. As mayor, you'll navigate a web of political, economic, and social challenges that reflect the complexities of our own world and beyond. Draft policies to address critical issues such as pollution, wealth inequality, technological advancements, and the controversial use of human brains as CPUs. Forge alliances and manage relationships with various factions, including corporate CEOs, underground criminal syndicates, and activist groups. Be prepared to confront challenging moral dilemmas that will test your principles against the hard realities of governance.

Game Features:

Political Simulation: Experience the intricacies of running a lunar colony, balancing urban development, public order, and the needs of a diverse population.

Policy Crafting: Draft and implement policies that shape the future of Artemis, dealing with issues such as wealth inequality, environmental sustainability, and the ethics of AI development.

Interactive Narrative: Engage in rich text-based interactions with various characters, making decisions that shape the colony's future.

Dynamic World: Navigate a complex political landscape with different factions vying for influence, and make choices that lead to multiple possible outcomes.

Moral Complexity: Face difficult decisions that challenge your moral compass and define your legacy.
Dive into a world shaped by your choices, filled with rich lore and dynamic systems that react to your decisions. Can you steer Artemis towards a future of prosperity and independence, or will your leadership plunge the city into chaos? The fate of Artemis lies in your hands.
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Darts Games
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Lunar Ascendant is updated at 2023-08-12.

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The provider of Lunar Ascendant is Darts Games.

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