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Paradise Nowhere

Paradise Nowhere

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Extended Description: A Backrooms game with more abstract concepts and realistic graphics, the entire experience will pass the feeling of liminality, with no souls around. To enhance the realism and atmosphere, the game has a VHS filter that can be adjusted. In Paradise Nowhere, you have resources to collect, Levels/Sub-Layers/Enigmatic Levels to explore, a story to uncover, puzzles to solve, and concepts like non-Euclidean geometry. This isn't necessarily a horror game, but depending on your feelings towards liminality, this can be, or maybe it's just the Paradise.

Story: The way in which the story of the game is told is not direct to the player, there are several secrets and clues that tell the story of the Backrooms and why this place exist, but most things will not be explicit to the player, so investigate, pay attention to the scenery and everything that involves the game.

Features and Concepts:

Interactions with the scenario, such as: Opening doors, Interacting with buttons (switches, levers and other things), Picking up objects to inventory and inspect things.
Level variations are versions of the same Level, but with a different structure, you can access these variations by exiting and entering the Level or closing and opening the game (not all Levels have variations, but there will be an icon to indicate the Levels that have variations).
Noclip is a classic way to pass between areas in Backrooms, also the most popular way to enter Backrooms, this will be used in the game to discover new areas, so when you see a wall that has some glitches like waves, try to go through the wall, it is usually found in more isolated or dark areas, but it is also possible to find these glitches in common areas.
Levels and atmosphere is the main focus of this game, the scenarios tried to be as close as possible to the famous images of Backrooms and Liminal Spaces, the levels present in "Pre-Alpha" are mentioned in the description of "Early Access", each experience and sensation will be very personal going in regards to the player's feelings when viewing certain types of locations.
Non-Euclidean Geometry can be found in some parts of the game, so you may end up finding doors that lead to the same room, scenery structures that can confuse your vision and things like that. This concept usually stays in Enigmatic Levels.
Puzzles will be present in some parts of the game, solving you can discover parts of the story and other things hidden in the game, but this is optional and will not interfere with the progression of the game, these puzzles can be from things like buttons and activation sequences or more abstract things like interpretation of scenarios and hidden codes.
Game modes:

Exploration Mode is the ideal gameplay type for those who just want to feel the vibe of the game without interferences like stamina, sanity and death, in this mode the story is not told in order to affect the gameplay (walking simulator style), enjoy the Liminal Spaces and atmosphere. This game mode has a sub-mode: Sandbox where you can enter the level you want without necessarily having to walk to the location.
Story Mode In this mode, more secrets are introduced to explore, with parts of the story being directly and sometimes indirectly told to the player. It features a story designed to explain the backrooms and elements surrounding this mysterious place. This game mode also includes the "Sanity bar" as one of its main components, operating based on the player's emotions. The game will directly ask the player questions to understand their emotions towards certain types of Liminal Spaces (darker places, higher places, long hallways, and other types). For example, when you are in a Liminal Space with a lot of shadows, if you answer that you feel discomfort or fear of dark Liminal Spaces, the game starts to decrease your sanity bar. However, the opposite can also happen; if you answer that you feel comfort, your sanity bar can increase or stabilize. As your sanity bar decreases, you begin to experience hallucinations in the game, encountering things that aren't actually there. Story Mode is ideal for those seeking a more immersive experience in Paradise Nowhere.
Note: Story Mode will not be present in Pre-Alpha.
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DCE Productions
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Paradise Nowhere is updated at 2023-05-16.

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The provider of Paradise Nowhere is DCE Productions.

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