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Choose Your Own AdventureRomanceSandboxDragonsCartoonyInteractive FictionChoices MatterMultiple Endings
Available exclusively for Netflix members.Once upon a time — wait, what comes next again? Drag and drop fairy-tale characters onto the page to build surprising stories in this award-winning puzzle g.....
Banner of Pumping Simulator 2

Pumping Simulator 2

Choose Your Own AdventureEconomyEducationSandboxTradingFPSChoices MatterFirst-Person
Welcome to Pumping Simulator 2 - A Gas Station Simulator!Start your journey as a budding entrepreneur in the exciting world of gas station management. Begin by selling the classic car you inherited t....
Banner of Blasphemous 2

Blasphemous 2

Lore-RichGothicPixel GraphicsMetroidvaniaSide ScrollerDifficultAction RPG2D Platformer
DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION INCLUDESBlasphemous 2 - Full GameBlasphemous 2 - Digital ArtbookBlasphemous 2 - Original SoundtrackPLAY THE ORIGINALhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/774361/Blasphemous/[img...
Banner of Champion Shift

Champion Shift

CombatStylizedVehicular CombatAction RPGAction RoguelikeActionBullet Hell3D
Join Our Discord!DiscordAbout the GameFight. Shift. Survive. Champion Shift is a unique action roguelike where our Champions fight endless hordes of enemies and traverse branching stages with the ...
Banner of Six Days in Fallujah

Six Days in Fallujah

Six Days in Fallujah is a highly realistic first-person tactical shooter developed with help from more than 100 Marines and Soldiers who served in the Second Battle of Fallujah. Six Days drops you and...
Banner of Paradise Nowhere

Paradise Nowhere

CinematicChoose Your Own AdventurePsychological HorrorSurvivalPsychologicalChoices MatterFirst-PersonRealistic
Extended Description: A Backrooms game with more abstract concepts and realistic graphics, the entire experience will pass the feeling of liminality, with no souls around. To enhance the realism and a...
Banner of Soul Devourer

Soul Devourer

CombatFemale ProtagonistDarkMetroidvaniaSide ScrollerZombiesActionDemons
A Cursed SchoolAfter a catastrophic thunderstorm, an ancient curse descends, transforming Sakuradoki High School into a living hell. The awakened survivors gradually lose their sanity, their souls are...
Banner of Juice Galaxy

Juice Galaxy

CombatSandboxVampireInventory ManagementAction RPGPsychedelic3DRPG
Juice is everything. There is nothing in the Fog. There is no greater honor than to serve the Juice Queen, and the sky is definitely not made of plywood.Juice Galaxy is a happy place to fly around...
Banner of The Precinct

The Precinct

NoirSandboxHeistVehicular CombatActionProcedural GenerationBullet TimeRealistic
DiscordAbout the GameYou are Officer Nick Cordell Jr. As a rookie beat cop fresh out of the Academy, you’re on the front line of defence for Averno’s citizens. Dive into a world of thrilling car chas....


CombatGrand StrategyTradingFarming SimStrategyChoices Matter3DRPG
What is BLOCKLORDS?BLOCKLORDS is a player-driven MMO medieval grand strategy game where your decisions and skills shape the world and narrative.Choose from several playstyles, including farming,...
Banner of Beecarbonize


EconomyScienceCapitalismSurvivalActionStrategyChoices MatterRoguelike
Do you have what it takes to save the planet? Beecarbonize is an environmental card strategy game with climate change as your opponent. Research cutting-edge technologies, enact policies, protect ecos...
Banner of Aka


Choose Your Own AdventureStylizedFarming SimCraftingCasualFamily FriendlyTop-DownAdventure
Official DiscordAbout the GameGardeningThe farming system is inspired by permaculture, where associations (garden design) and wild animals play a role.ConstructionIt is possible to craft shelter, to.....
Banner of Space Wreck

Space Wreck

Lore-RichPixel GraphicsPost-apocalypticIsometricStylizedSci-fiChoices MatterRPG
Inspired by classic Western isometric RPGs, this is hardcore role-playing game set in space 20 years post-major conflict over asteroid mining.Built on classic RPG fundamentsPost-apocalyptic spa...
Banner of Backrooms: Wit's End

Backrooms: Wit's End

Psychological HorrorActionProcedural GenerationChoices MatterFirst-PersonRealistic3DHorror
A unique take on the popular "Backrooms" creepypasta lore, with a focus on dynamic experiences, with procedural levels, complex entities, and engaging puzzles to keep the game fresh and replayable ove...
Banner of Bloody Hell

Bloody Hell

GothicPixel GraphicsGoreCombatMetroidvaniaActionFunnyBullet Hell
Embark on a hellish adventure!A short but sweet game about an Angel on a Bloody Bullet-hell mission to kill Satan! Dash, Double Dash, Grapple & Blast your way through Hell to fulfill your Holy Mission...
Banner of Nemurimouto


Dating SimRomanceIsometricInteractive FictionChoices MatterMultiple EndingsVisual NovelCasual
Your sister comes over for a university break, maybe you can have some fun together!You can grow closer together, you can train her into an obedient slave.You can have a romantic story, or a ...
Banner of Unusual Findings

Unusual Findings

Pixel GraphicsConversationSci-fiHidden ObjectChoices MatterMultiple EndingsPoint & ClickFamily Friendly
REMEDIUM: SENTINELS - OUT NOW!https://store.steampowered.com/app/2244480/REMEDIUM_Sentinels/SCHOLAR OF THE ARCANE ARTS - OUT NOW IN EARLY ACCESShttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1650200/Scholar_o...
Banner of Simulator of Ukraine 1991

Simulator of Ukraine 1991

Lore-RichEconomyReal Time TacticsGrand StrategyCapitalismStrategyAlternate HistoryTop-Down
This game is a global strategy, which is primarily focused on Ukraine after leaving the Soviet occupation. Here you will be given control of Ukraine with the opportunity to change history and interven...
Banner of Dong Wu

Dong Wu

Turn-Based TacticsComic BookStylizedStrategyRoguelikeRPGNonlinear2D
This is one of the four continents and one of the Nine Kingdoms where a web of political conficts go on.On this land of Dragon, the war to awaken the power of Dragon bloodline is back. Once again, th....
Banner of Roguebot


CombatPost-apocalypticRobotsFuturisticIsometricSci-fiAction RoguelikeAction
Roguebot is a fast-paced Roguelike shooter. It is set in a dystopian steampunk future where all humans have died. The main character must defeat an evil AI, which controls all other robots. By gettin....
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