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Power Champions

Power Champions

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The beginning...In the beginning of time... there were only darkness and purple lights.
But then a vortex appeared... and absorbed all the purple lights.
This action created an entity, who called herself Ellora, The Goddess.
Afterward, she created Zarion (with abundant nature and sacred places - known as Paradise) and bestowed her essence to create other planets, especially Zeloth (which possesses a type of power called technology).
Evil emerges from Zeloth, corrupting everything and reaching Zarion, bringing destruction and madness... KillDeath conquered all the planets, but not all hope is lost because there are...

THE POWER CHAMPIONS... protectors of Zarion and the most powerful heroes the universe has ever known.Ok..What comes next?Introducing the newest Hack and Slash game, Power Champions...a game focused on thrilling and frenetic gameplay, where the player must destroy a horde of automatons. You will embody one of the elemental gods, children of Ellora, and will have to follow the steps to save the planet Zarion, collecting various cards (which empower the player) and assembling your build, increasing your damage, defense, and speed points. Each of these points, specifically, will produce a different effect that can assist in your playstyle because, rest assured, there is not only one way to win in Power Champions.

Wow! Let's go!Using the Unreal Engine, Power Champions brings the player the true essence of free and enjoyable gameplay with an intense graphical framework, providing various customization options for graphics, such as a more cell-shaded look or a more realistic appearance (by disabling the outline color), thus enhancing the diverse graphical perspective in gameplay. In other words, customize the graphics according to your preference!

Combat is undoubtedly the primary focus of our work in Power Champions. We've aimed to create an enjoyable experience for the player, and the core of the gameplay evolves as you become stronger. The character becomes faster, deals more damage, or takes less damage over time. What truly matters in the end is the combination of these elements in the way the player desires, ultimately altering the outcome of the gameplay.

You can obtain two types of missions in the game: those related to the main quest (which provide a significant power boost) and quests obtained from the people of Zarion. The rewards from these quests will assist the champion in obtaining unique items during their journey—items that can make all the difference in the champion's battles!

And, of course, we can't forget to mention the vast arsenal available to our champion! There are artifacts, obtained every time you defeat a boss on the boss map; cards, acquired on grind maps through treasures dropped by enemies; mythical cards, obtained through quests after the champion completes their journey for the first time; and the ascension system, which allows the champion to redo the main quests (without losing any items, power, or achievements) and gain immense power each time this stage is completed. Additionally, the hero can enhance their damage (increasing damage in all cards, abilities, etc.), defense (reducing the total damage the player receives), and speed (boosting the speed of damage and movement). When the champion completes specific map achievements, they can acquire skins to enhance the character's appearance!

With each new stage comes a new challenge...the player will acquire various Power Points, which must be used to upgrade your weapons and your build. These points are essential for your character's progression in the game and to effectively destroy opponents based on your own choices...but don't be deceived...the game has various traps that will test you at all times...are you ready?
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Gustavo Carvalho
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Power Champions is updated at 2023-11-09.

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The provider of Power Champions is Gustavo Carvalho.

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