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Banner of Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb

FaithColony SimDark HumorDungeon CrawlerAction RoguelikeActionFunnyStrategy
Featured DLChttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2331540/Cult_of_the_Lamb_Heretic_Pack/Cult of the Lamb x Don't Starve TogetherDon’t let the Lamb starve in this crossover update with Don’t Starve Tog...
Banner of Muslim 3D

Muslim 3D

CinematicFaithEducationHistoricalConversationArtificial IntelligenceStylizedFirst-Person
Welcome to Muslim 3D - an educational simulation which takes you on a wondrous journey through Islamic history and rituals.Create your own 3D Avatar and begin your journey in Virtual Makkah, where y.....
Banner of The Banished Vault

The Banished Vault

Survive a journey across space in the Auriga Vault, an interstellar gothic monastery crewed by the last remaining exiles of a terrible disaster. Explore hostile solar systems, construct outposts, and ...
Banner of Touhou Artificial Dream in Arcadia

Touhou Artificial Dream in Arcadia

Pixel GraphicsFaithRetroFemale ProtagonistDungeon CrawlerBullet HellFirst-PersonJRPG
Sumireko Usami is not a normal high-schooler at all. She is so abnormal that even the fantasy land of Gensokyo considers her an anomaly. Truth is, she can visit Gensokyo in her dreams!A new incident.....
Banner of Power Champions

Power Champions

CinematicFaithBeat 'em upDarkDragonsAction RPGAction RoguelikeAction
The beginning...In the beginning of time... there were only darkness and purple lights.But then a vortex appeared... and absorbed all the purple lights.This action created an entity, who called hers.....
Banner of I was born poor

I was born poor

FaithEducationController3DRPGPhilosophicalEmotionalFamily Friendly
Special ThanksThis game is made from "SMILE GAME BUILDER".https://store.steampowered.com/app/483950/SMILE_GAME_BUILDER/FeaturesThe story is a continuation of "Mademoiselle Kshatriya".https://store...
Banner of Afterlife Gladiator

Afterlife Gladiator

Pixel GraphicsFaithRetroConversationDinosaursPsychologicalLinearJRPG
Afterlife Gladiator is a turn-based RPG with a strong focus on story and combat. The game is meant to be easy to pick up since characters have only 4 main attributes, battles are 3 v 3 and it can be c...
Banner of revere


Lore-RichFaithTactical1980sReal Time TacticsDarkPsychological HorrorAction
An abandoned chapel.An old generator that won't start.Someone or something else.And not just one of them.The hours here feel like weeks, but you have to endure it. You must find out the trut...
Banner of Substitute Priest

Substitute Priest

FaithCartoonDarkStylizedDynamic NarrationLinearInteractive FictionMultiple Endings
In this point-and-click adventure, you control a priest who is invited to a community at the request of an unknown colleague. There he has to deal with this village over the course of a week and uncov...
Banner of Herogue


Turn-Based TacticsFaithTacticalStylized2D PlatformerTurn-Based StrategyStrategyRoguelike
Welcome to Herogue, choose and build your team to win in this turn-based roguelike game!Game Features:Character's unique mechanism: Each character has its own unique special mechanism, customiz...
Banner of Y. Village - The Visitors

Y. Village - The Visitors

CinematicFaithDarkPsychological HorrorActionThrillerFirst-PersonRealistic
STORYBatu, plagued by recurring nightmares of an unknown village, finds his life upended by a mysterious letter left at his doorstep one day. The letter bears a chilling message: "Do you wish to be f....
Banner of In His Time

In His Time

FaithText-Based2D PlatformerLootPuzzle PlatformerPhilosophicalVisual NovelCasual
For those of you who are unable to see their loved ones ever again.I can't see them anymore. But I really wish that I could see and hold them again. Where is my special person? I wonder if I will ev.....
Banner of 龙栖


Lore-RichDating SimFaithRomanceText-BasedHistorical2D PlatformerRPG
AboutThis is a fantasy daily visual novel. The game takes about 10 hours. Players will play text and voice acting from the perspective of the main character "Hijinaga" by clicking on the screen and se...
Banner of The Viriditas Chapel of Perpetual Adoration

The Viriditas Chapel of Perpetual Adoration

GothicGod GameChoose Your Own AdventureFaithAbstractNoirMinimalistDark
The Viriditas Chapel of Perpetual Adoration is a virtual reality inspired by visions and music of Saint Hildegard von Bingen, a 14th century abbess and Doctor of the Catholic Church. It is situated in...
Banner of Angelstruck


GothicFaithFemale ProtagonistStylizedAction RoguelikeActionLinearBullet Hell
UNLEASH HEAVENLY HAVOCExperience the adrenaline rush of Angelstruck, a dynamic 2D shooter action roguelite. Assume the mantle of an Underworld angel and engage in a fierce battle against waves of cele...
Banner of TOBI Path of Truth

TOBI Path of Truth

You start the story on post apocalyptic Earth where you find an abandoned cathedral from where you can teleport yourself to 7 various worlds. Every time you visit a new world you will take the form of...
Banner of Gundam Girl Studio for VRChat and Vroid

Gundam Girl Studio for VRChat and Vroid

FaithGame DevelopmentSoftwareUtilities3DCharacter CustomizationAnimation & ModelingSingleplayer
Robot Girl Studio just helps you to make your own 3D female robot avatars easily for VRChat.The avatars generated could also be used in VRM compatible softwares such as VSeefaceRobot Girl Studioは、...
Banner of 东方封天境


Banner of Agnostic Requiem

Agnostic Requiem

Dating SimFaithFemale ProtagonistText-Based2D PlatformerCartoonyInteractive FictionRPG
The text of the game is about 60,000 words, and it takes about two hours to play.This is a tale of celebrating and rebelling against this peculiar world, where all joys and sorrows originate fro...
Banner of 連縁无現里 ~ Misremembered Memories

連縁无現里 ~ Misremembered Memories

Pixel GraphicsFaithActionLinearBullet HellPvE2DFantasy
A retro styled Len'en Project fangame featuring characters belonging to Trick Nostalgie.Features two full length extra boss fights against Tsurubami Senri with 54 unique spells and nonspells and thre....
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