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Robospital is a game for people who want to learn Python® programming. You can easily learn to code by solving programming puzzles. If you are a programming expert, you can learn Python programming language as a new language with Robospital.From the Stars to Robospital!After landing on Earth, Jason, an interstellar courier, loses an important package. The lost package contained chips that cause robots to malfunction, and these affected robots are now in Robospital. To retrieve the lost chips, Jason goes undercover. He must navigate the challenges of hospital life, master programming, and heal the robots, all while keeping his true identity a secret.A Hospital Like No OtherWith its cute, cartoony graphics and a visually delightful code editor, immerse yourself in a world where technology aids in robotic recovery.Programming in a Robotic WorldEngage in captivating programming challenges set within a vibrant environment. From basic commands to intricate problems, Robospital offers a unique blend of education and entertainment.Expand Your Programming KnowledgeStuck on a term? Dive into the in-built programming dictionary, a handy tool for both novices and experienced programmers.Practice, Feedback, and GrowthHone your skills with practice sessions, receive feedback on your solutions, and watch as your programming abilities evolve.Guided Journey of Skill DevelopmentIn Robospital, you're not on your own. With seniors there to guide you, take on challenges and become a better programmer. Together, you'll navigate the intricacies of programming, ensuring every robot is healed and every challenge met.Mysteries and Allies of RobospitalJoin Adeline, the helpful nurse, and Eliza, the experienced senior doctor, on your journey. But as Jason delves deeper, he discovers that Robospital holds secrets of its own.Chapters1. Output
2. Input
3. Types
4. Arithmetic Operators
5. Comparison
6. If
7. While
8. String
9. List
10. For
11. Starry Night
12. Function
13. Challenging

"Python" and the Python logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Python Software Foundation, used by Golden Banana Soft with permission from the Foundation.
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Golden Banana Soft
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Robospital is updated at 2023-10-29.

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The provider of Robospital is Golden Banana Soft.

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