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Solar Survivors

Solar Survivors

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Solar Survivors distills the deep strategy and progression of an RPG into quick, arcade-like sessions.

Play as an elite pilot, deemed worthy of flying a Heaven class starship. Prove your worth to the High Priests by defending your theocracy and destroying rebel armies. Earn the honor of the gods, but stifle your pride, lest you be whipped.Build insane strategies using legendary lootCraft a single uber bullet that weaves between enemies, create a dark matter explosion that fills the screen, or design a weapon that fires bullets uncontrollable in random directions. Every run is different thanks to the 16 build-defining pieces of legendary loot.Totally unnecessary world building and sci-fi loreLearn the dark history of a galaxy rapidly conquered by the Theocracy of Eden. Serve your god-emperors as a Faithkeeper, the highest level of star pilot.

Features Quick gameplay sessions, long road to mastery
Improvise unique builds from over 50 items, including 16 pieces of legendary loot
Customize your weapons to defeat enemies your way
Survive and overpower an onslaught of varied enemies and bosses
Earn crypto gold (the currency of the future) and use it to unlock new abilities and equipment
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BoxFox Studios
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When was this game updated?icon

Solar Survivors is updated at 2024-02-08.

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The provider of Solar Survivors is BoxFox Studios.

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