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Banner of Full of Stars

Full of Stars

ActionRoguelikeEditors' choiceAdventureSpaceships
*** WINNER OF POCKET GAMER BIG INDIE PITCH 2016! ***Full of Stars is a story-driven space journey game about humanity's survival.The journey will be a test of both your skill and your humanity.Whe...
Banner of Power of Ten

Power of Ten

Pixel GraphicsRetroMiningSci-fiAction RoguelikeActionProcedural GenerationRoguelike
Join the CommunityAbout the GameA single starfighter trying to save as many civilians as possible before they are overrun by a destructive armada.You'll need to gather new weapons, upgrade your s...
Banner of Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game

Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game

CombatFuturisticSci-fiActionLootCreature CollectorAliensAdventure
Ghost Signal is a VR action roguelite set in the Stellaris universe, where you captain your ship to battle a multitude of alien species. Partake in dynamic space wars, encounter planet sized creatur.....
Banner of Mr Pod

Mr Pod

Mr. POD is an Endless Runner, sci-fi adventure that follows our hero, Dr. Ven, fleeing for his life. Using scientific research conducted upon the space station, you will upgrade escape pods to combat ...
Banner of Star Armada

Star Armada

Introducing Star Armada an engaging auto-battler strategy game where you forge your ultimate armada of capital spaceships and lead them into epic battles against formidable foes. Experience dynamic ga...
Banner of Drift Vector

Drift Vector

RetroMinimalistLocal MultiplayerSci-fiDifficult4 Player LocalActionPsychedelic
Select a colour & choose your starfighter before jumping into battle in Drift Vector, a slow-paced, retro action arcade, synthwave-inspired spaceship shooter.In the harsh vacuum of space, any objec...
Banner of メガロサミア -木星絶対防衛圏- Heaven's Fall

メガロサミア -木星絶対防衛圏- Heaven's Fall

近未来の太陽系を舞台に繰り広げられる宇宙戦争3Dシューティングゲーム、それが『メガロサミア -木星絶対防衛圏- Heaven's Fall』です。あなたは人類統一合意体Unityの独立機動艦隊「ウォーモンガー」の指揮官として、宇宙開発コングロマリットLumberyardの艦隊群との戦いに挑みます。多数対多数の戦艦と攻撃と爆発が複雑に交差する戦場で、あなたは自艦隊を指揮し、勝利を目...
Banner of Adrift Program

Adrift Program

Pixel GraphicsCombatFuturisticSci-fiAliensCraftingRPGCasual
"Supply energy to many spaceships in this small, chill resource and time management game.A Cooked-Like, if you will!"Handle machinery and energizing items as Bobby, a spaceship engineer, in thi...
Banner of Red Impact - Epic Planetary Defence

Red Impact - Epic Planetary Defence

DestructionCombatFuturisticTower DefenseSurvivalActionLinearStrategy
Red Impact is a planetary defence game with massive battles and a hint of resource management.As humanity expands out amongst the stars, a mysterious force threatens destruction. There is no fleet,...
Banner of Kiloparsec Uprising

Kiloparsec Uprising

Turn-Based TacticsTacticalCombatFuturisticSci-fiHex GridTurn-Based StrategyStrategy
Kiloparsec Uprising is a strategy game with turn-based spaceship combat on a hex grid.A band of rebels operating from a secret base will need to use all of their skills and strategy to overthrow the.....
Banner of EVERSPACE™ 2


Sci-fiAction RPGAction3DRPGFlight6DOFAdventure
Join the community on DiscordAbout the GameEVERSPACE 2 puts you in the pilot seat in this fast-paced single-player space shooter, where vicious encounters and brutal challenges stand between you and.....
Banner of Devoid Prototype

Devoid Prototype

CombatSandboxInventory ManagementTradingMiningSci-fiActionLoot
Complete Split-Screen Enjoy the entire game on the couch with a friend or significant other with a gamepad as Devoid was developed with Split-Screen at its core instead of as an afterthought.Choose .....
Banner of Solar Survivors

Solar Survivors

FuturisticSci-fiAction RPGAction RoguelikeActionBullet HellControllerRPG
Solar Survivors distills the deep strategy and progression of an RPG into quick, arcade-like sessions.Play as an elite pilot, deemed worthy of flying a Heaven class starship. Defend your theocracy, .....
Banner of Emancipator GO!

Emancipator GO!

Pixel GraphicsRetroAction RPGSurvivalAction RoguelikeActionBullet HellRoguelike
Rebel resistance is in decline. One last planet stands against the Empire's rule for generations.And that's because every year, an elite pilot is selected for a suicide mission to weaken the siege, c....
Banner of Gelluloid Domination: SpaceLab Simulator

Gelluloid Domination: SpaceLab Simulator

Play as an independent contractor on the spaceship Adiona. On your way to the delivery checkpoint for the special cargo, you have 257 reasons to keep it viable for assimilation and make sure you gathe...
Banner of Waking Up: Way Back Home

Waking Up: Way Back Home

StylizedSci-fiLinearConspiracyPuzzle Platformer3DMultiple EndingsEmotional
When Earth became an uninhabitable place, humans were forced to live in space. Captain Urus Kramp, governor of the mothership Babylon 3, founded a new civilization and organized intergalactic explor.....
Banner of Space Shooter 24

Space Shooter 24

Sci-fiAction RPGActionStrategyFirst-PersonRealistic3DRPG
Space is an endless void full of secrets humans continue exploring and admiring as they discover. Space Shooter 24 offers an excellent opportunity to step into this magnificent adventure. This game ta...
Banner of Failure to Launch

Failure to Launch

Pixel GraphicsRetroDifficultSurvivalActionBullet HellCasualTop-Down
MINIGAMES AND FLYING?In FAILURE TO LAUNCH, complete difficult minigames while also SIMULTANEOUSLY piloting a spaceship through an endless runner of obstacles. Danger is everywhere commander!.FAILUR...
Banner of Oasis Mission

Oasis Mission

EconomyFuturisticColony SimLevel EditorAutomationTradingSci-fiStrategy
Create your colony in the world of corporate punkTake on the role of CEO of a corporation and develop a colony and its economy in remote territories and extreme conditions.You will need to explore ...
Banner of Alien Tag

Alien Tag

Choose Your Own AdventureFuturisticSandboxConversationStylizedSci-fiActionMars
Alien Tag is an FREE, immersive VR game that puts you in the shoes of an extraterrestrial trying to tag other aliens! Use your long, flexible alien arms to swing swiftly across psychedelic alien world...
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