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Soul Devourer

Soul Devourer

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About the GameA Cursed SchoolAfter a catastrophic thunderstorm, an ancient curse descends, transforming Sakuradoki High School into a living hell. The awakened survivors gradually lose their sanity, their souls are devoured by desire and fear, turning them into bloodthirsty and brutal monsters...

Soul Devourer is a metroidvania action-platformer with a classic 2D horror style. The vast school is shrouded in an evil, ancient curse. You'll explore this eerie and dangerous world, battle twisted, crazed monsters, and ultimately uncover the long-buried secrets concealed beneath the school.

Game FeaturesExplore numerous unique main areas in a vast, interconnected game world full of excitement.

Collect souls scattered around the game world, that allow you enhance your character, master new abilities, customise your gameplay and strategy.

Fight a variety of twisted monsters, each with unique behaviors and attacks.

Challenge ferocious bosses, find their patterns, exploit their weaknesses, defeat them and get their souls!

Uncover the secrets buried deep beneath the school, encounter mysterious characters, collect a variety of clues, forge your path towards the truth of the ancient curse.
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Studio Water Bear
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Soul Devourer is updated at 2023-12-13.

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The provider of Soul Devourer is Studio Water Bear.

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