Games worth discovering

Best games when you're feeling blue

Best games when you're feeling blue

Banner of Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light Global

StylizedCozyHealingRPGEmotionalController SupportCasualEditors' choice
From the creators of Journey (2013 Game of the Year), comes a peaceful and cozy MMORPG to warm your hearts. Experience the best of humanity and meaningfully connect with others. Soar above the clouds,...
Banner of The End of the World

The End of the World

The End of the World is a side-scrolling exploration game. Set in Newcastle, England, you play a lonely man in a world that ended when he lost his love. By living day by day and in the past you unrave...
Banner of LIMBO


CinematicMinimalistDarkShortStylizedSide ScrollerDifficultAction
What the press said:“Limbo is as close to perfect at what it does as a game can get.”10/10 – Destructoid“The game is a masterpiece.”5/5 – GiantBomb“Limbo is genius. Freaky, weird genius. ...
Banner of Fortnite

Top 10 games on android of all time.

Banner of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Stylized3DEditors' choiceAdventureThird PersonPuzzleStory Rich
Critically acclaimed, story-driven adventure game from award-winning Swedish film director, Josef Fares and originally developed by Starbreeze Studios.10/10 - Joystiq “It’s rare for a game to forge .....
Banner of T3 Arena

[Weekly HITs] Snowbreak: Containment Zone, T3 Arena, and more! (October 20)

Banner of Cats & Soup - Cute Cat Game

Cats & Soup - Cute Cat Game

CartoonStylizedCatsEditors' choiceIdleSimulation
♥100% Guaranteed [Frog Raincoat] costume to all hoomans♥♥Adorable [Baby Kitty] Reveal! Free adoptions for all hoomans♥<2021 Google Play Indie Games Festival TOP3 Selected Game>Looking for a cute c...
Banner of Cat of Khronos

Cat of Khronos

TriviaStrategyEditors' choiceIndiePixelPuzzle
I'm approaching you against the flow of time,Yet you think I'm moving away.I venture into the future, intruding into your line of sight,But you won't know what I did in the past.I bring together...
Banner of Cats & Soup : Magic Recipe

Cats & Soup : Magic Recipe

AnimalMergeCasualEditors' choiceHand-drawnCute
♥Cute Kitty Merge & Cooking Game is finally here♥Looking for a cute animal game? How about a cute kitty cat game, meow?Come play a merging game with us, adorable cats cooking delicious food♥Animal...
Banner of Losing Cats Way

Losing Cats Way

A Healing cat sims integrates stray cat topics. Learning animal protection cogitation while playing with your cats! Spend the quality time with them. As long as you take good care of them, they’ll lea...
Banner of Ogu and the Secret Forest

Ogu and the Secret Forest

HealingEditors' choiceAdventure2DCute
Explore the wonderful world with baby Ogu!'Ogu and the Secret Forest' is a 2D adventure game with hand-drawn characters and various types of puzzles. Befriend bouncy characters and defeat strange cre....
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