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Top Card Battler Games

Top Card Battler Games

Banner of The Untouchable Man

The Untouchable Man

Pixel GraphicsCard BattlerDungeon CrawlerSportsBoomer ShooterRealisticCreature CollectorCasual
"From the moment we enter this world, the instinct to protect ourselves is ingrained within us. This innate drive for self-preservation is put to the test in The Untouchable Man, reaffirming our prima...
Banner of The Falling Car

The Falling Car

Card BattlerSportsBoomer ShooterCartoonyFirst-PersonRealisticSouls-likeCasual
**Take a Thrilling Journey on Earth!**Are you tired of mundane car drifting games? Dive into the exhilarating world of "The Falling Car" game, where excitement knows no bounds! Positioned on a p...
Banner of NUNNA


Turn-Based TacticsPixel GraphicsCard BattlerStrategyProcedural GenerationFantasyRogueliteSingleplayer
FeaturesNUNNA is a deck-building, turn-based rogue-lite game.Collect cards and upgrade them.Anticipate and use your opponent's attacks.Inspired by Shogun Showdown, Slay the Spire and InuYasha Demon T....
Banner of 1 Bit Survivor (Roguelike)

The 10 weirdest roguelikes on mobile

Banner of Deal of the Dead Final Cut

Deal of the Dead Final Cut

GoreSolitaireCard BattlerDungeon CrawlerZombiesStrategyHorrorCasual
Deal of the Dead: Final Cut is a Solitaire-style, survival horror, card game.Fight your way through a zombie-infested city in search of rescue. Wield a variety of single-use melee weapons and reload.....
Banner of Atomic Warfare

Atomic Warfare

CinematicCard BattlerDungeon CrawlerAction RPGSportsBoomer ShooterTurn-Based StrategyTable game
Atomic Warfare is a thrilling and strategic game that allows players to represent a country in a high-stakes battle.Players can choose to represent any country of their choice and are tasked wi...
Banner of 52Beatup


Pixel GraphicsTacticalRetroCard BattlerLocal MultiplayerActionStrategyCats
Welcome to 52Beatup!52Beatup is a Deck-Building, Fast-Paced (Like Really Fast-Paced), Fighting Game!Why "52Beatup"the Name '"52Beatup" is based on the Joke card game "52 Pickup", where you'd throw a.....
Banner of Cards and Towers

Cards and Towers

TacticalCard BattlerSci-fiTower DefenseBullet HellStrategyRoguelikeDeckbuilding
Cards and Towers is a unique blend of card games, tower defense and roguelikes. Craft your own unique deck, protect your base tower, slay hordes of enemies, and survive as long as possible. Are you .....
Banner of 小角色


Pixel GraphicsCard BattlerStrategyEarly AccessSingleplayerCard
It's just a game made by a small character.As a player, I've been thinking about a lot of stslike games, what is the core highlight of this game, does it have a sense of "a mod that looks a lot lik...
Banner of LuckyHero


CartoonCard BattlerTrading Card GameIdlerBoardStrategyRoguelikeRPG
About UsQQ: 515889082Discord:网页链接About the GameSuddenly one day, the village chief gave me a few chess pieces and asked me to go hunting, so I started my adventure.passed th...
Banner of 武圣三国


Turn-Based TacticsSolitaireCard BattlerHistoricalTurn-Based StrategyCartoonyStrategyRPG
Banner of DIROK


Turn-Based TacticsCard BattlerHistoricalTurn-Based StrategyStrategyMultiplayerSingleplayer
Dîrok es un juego único. Primero porque es el primer juego que combina el cuatro en raya con el deck building y segundo porque es el primer juego por turnos en tiempo real.Eso quiere decir que m...
Banner of Wishlands Defence

Wishlands Defence

Card BattlerTower DefenseStrategyDeckbuildingSingleplayerHand-drawnManagementCard
A TOWER DEFENCE WITH CARDSUse your cards to defend your town from the enemies. Collect new cards from the world with your heroes. Combine & use cards to unlock new stuff and defence buildings.GO WILDE...
Banner of Star Patrol Nova

Star Patrol Nova

RobotsCartoonCard BattlerSci-fiCartoonyStrategyRoguelikeAliens
Interstellar peace has reigned in the sector for 100 years, ever since the Nebula Wars saw dozens of planets in ruin. From out of this devastation rose a new hope, dedicated to maintaining peace betwe...
Banner of Gods vs Horrors

Gods vs Horrors

Card BattlerTurn-Based StrategyStrategyProcedural GenerationRoguelike DeckbuilderRoguelikeDeckbuildingRoguelite
JOIN OUR DISCORDAbout the GameGods vs Horrors is a roguelike card auto-battler focusing on synergies, scaling, and positioning. You'll need to adapt to the choices offered and enemy compositions. Re.....
Banner of SPELLHACK!!


CinematicPixel GraphicsRetroCard BattlerPsychological HorrorSurvivalStrategyRoguelike
As a Spellhacker, there's no job too hard - just those that don't pay enough. In a world of megacorps and lethal magic, you'll do anything for your clients to survive...SPELLHACK!! is a tactical ...
Banner of Card Crafter Genesis

Card Crafter Genesis

Card BattlerStrategyDeckbuildingRacingMultiplayer
Card Crafter Genesis is an online card game creator and player that let's anyone make fantastic card games! Create a game by editing the game's rules, adding cards with custom images, descriptions, an...
Banner of Europa

Looking for a new game? These are the best demos I tried at Steam Next Fest

Banner of Fusillade


RetroCard BattlerSci-fiAction RoguelikeActionBullet HellStrategyRoguelike
Fusillade is an action rogue-like space shoot 'em up, where you play cards and combos in real-time to fight off pirates. At the end of each wave you choose between 100+ cards to add to your deck! Like...
Banner of Battle Vision Network

Battle Vision Network

Turn-Based TacticsCompetitiveCard BattlerTrading Card GameSci-fiActionTurn-Based StrategyStrategy
Our CommunityAbout the GameCOMPETE IN FAST-PACED ONLINE 1v1 BATTLESTake turns launching attacks by creating color-matching formations. Vertical matches create attackers, horizontal ones defenders. Ra....
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