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Top Cartoony Games

Top Cartoony Games

Banner of Jack Dragon and the Stone of Peace

Jack Dragon and the Stone of Peace

Pixel Graphics1980sRetro2D PlatformerActionLinearCartoonyController
The Stone of Peace, smashed to bits,By Lord Moneybags, who got up and split.Moneybags gains, and everyone suffers,Everyone fighting, sisters and brothers.Jack the Dragon,He's just volunteered....
Banner of Arts & Hearts Academy

Arts & Hearts Academy

GothicDating SimText-BasedDarkCartoonyInteractive FictionRealisticDetective
Arts & Hearts Academy: A romantic visual novel with a detective storyline, where you play as a young girl, an architecture student, and your goal is to win an architectural competition, uncover a myst...
Banner of The Diner at the End of the Galaxy

The Diner at the End of the Galaxy

Pixel GraphicsEconomyIsometricColony SimAgricultureCartoonyStrategyChoices Matter
You know what the last remaining civilised planet in the entire galaxy really needs?That's right - a diner!Turn an abandoned trading outpost into a bustling gather place for smugglers, mercenari...
Banner of Seven Deadly Sins Origin

Top 10 Upcoming Mobile Games of 2023-2024

Banner of Gems And Knight

Gems And Knight

Real Time TacticsCartoonMinimalistSide ScrollerActionCartoonyStrategyJRPG
After three days of sea travel, I finally found the black dragon's lair. Just when I thought I was about to face a powerful enemy, a bolt of lightning hit my boat...When you first play Gems and ...
Banner of Hot Noon

Hot Noon

Arena ShooterMinimalistLocal Multiplayer4 Player LocalFunnyCartoonyWesternController
A local-coop party game that's all about the classical western stand-off. Draw faster than your opponents and prepare to catch their incoming bullets mid-air! HOT NOON is fast-paced and filled with t....
Banner of Rogue Tides

Rogue Tides

DestructionTacticalSurvivalAction RoguelikeActionNaval CombatSailingCartoony
Set sail on a chaotic adventure!Fight unrelenting waves!Upgrade your ship!Defeat mighty bosses!Master the tides!Acquire booty!Rogue Tides is a game made partially through audience ...
Banner of RODB : Rhythm of Deck Builder

RODB : Rhythm of Deck Builder

Real Time TacticsCartoonCard BattlerMusic-Based Procedural GenerationCartoonyStrategyRhythmRoguelike
Let your heart and body dance to the rhythm.😎It's a card game where you can't stop the groove!Only the move key is used.On your turn, use the cards in any rhythm you like!Make your defeated...
Banner of BALL PIT KING 3D


CartoonStylizedFunnyCartoonyControllerMemes3D3D Vision
Drop, stack and merge 3D balls with hilarious faces to create bigger ones and score points. Your goal? Create the gigantic King Ball and rule supreme over the Ball Pit!Two balls of the same type wil.....
Banner of Dinopunk: the Cacops adventure

Dinopunk: the Cacops adventure

Pixel Graphics1980sCombatRetroSide ScrollerDinosaurs2D PlatformerAction
"Dinopunk: The Cacops Adventure" is an exciting 2D platformer that immerses you in a dystopian Jurassic world full of action and fun.Players take on the role of a small amphibious dinosaur with a...
Banner of Slime 64

Slime 64

Slime 64 is a 3D collectathon platformer inspired by retro classics!Play as air, fire, water, and earth slimes, in any order you'd like, as they meet each other on their journey and combine their p...
Banner of Otter Turmoil

Otter Turmoil

Pixel GraphicsCartoonSurvivalAction RoguelikeActionCartoonyBullet HellRoguelike
Complete objectives to move from level to level.Collect gems to upgrade the mystery box and get more powerful guns.Complete quests for money and powerups.BackgroundOtter Turmoil is a Top-Down Roguel.....
Banner of MOLAR: Underground

MOLAR: Underground

Pixel Graphics1980sUndergroundRobotsRetroPrecision PlatformerSide ScrollerSci-fi
No shovels necessary as you guide Molar the Mole on this wild, 2-D side-scrolling adventure. Relive and reimagine the retro charm of the handheld monochromatic games of the 80's & 90's with MOLAR: Und...
Banner of Gloomy Eyes - The Game

Gloomy Eyes - The Game

CinematicGothicChoose Your Own AdventureCartoonStylized2D PlatformerCartoonyPuzzle Platformer
Adapted from the eponymous awarded VR experience, Gloomy Eyes - The Game is a game set in a dark world shaken by the conflict between the living and the dead, telling a peculiar story about love and d...
Banner of The Paupers

The Paupers

StylizedActionFunnyCartoonyDemons3DCasualFamily Friendly
Step into a world between worlds, where the ethereal and the earthly collide in a whimsical yet haunting adventure. In The Paupers (Dziady), players assume the enigmatic role of a spectral custodian, ...
Banner of Crashimals


TacticalCombatCartoonArena ShooterSurvivalZombiesFPSAction
Crashimals is a first person arena shooter where you take on stylized cartoon animals and fight to the death! You play as "Ducky" or Cheese Munching "Rattam". If you get tired of 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 battl...
Banner of Virago: Reality New

Virago: Reality New

Female ProtagonistDarkPsychological HorrorSurvivalThrillerCartoonyPuzzle PlatformerController
Virago: Reality New invites you to delve into an immersive narrative that follows the tumultuous journey of Willow, a young girl escaping an abusive home only to find herself entangled in a realm of t...
Banner of MIR4

Top Lore-Rich Games

Banner of Crafty County

Crafty County

Welcome to the captivating world of Crafty County, an innovative city-building puzzle game crafted by a dedicated indie developer with a passion for creating engaging and immersive experiences.The...
Banner of Cat Search In The Wild West

Cat Search In The Wild West

CartoonHistoricalMinimalistSide ScrollerHidden ObjectFunnyCartoonyCats
Yee ha!The cats are hiding all over this western town! Can you find the mall? Some cats are more hidden than others. Some rest on the rooftops, others inside buildings, while others in plain view. ...
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