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Top Detective Games

Top Detective Games

Banner of Strange Investigations: Becoming

Strange Investigations: Becoming

LinearFirst-PersonDetectivePoint & ClickCasualAdventureSingleplayerPuzzle
Dana Strange spent years becoming a detective, all in the hopes of finding her missing sister. With the case closed, and that part of her life behind her, she left the police force and took a well-des...
Banner of Criminal Behavior

Criminal Behavior

There is a burglar loose in the city. He is breaking into buildings of all types to steal anything of monetary value.We need your help to investigate each crime scene to put together a cohesive ...
Banner of Hawaii Detective: Killing of a Krypto King

Hawaii Detective: Killing of a Krypto King

Dating SimRomanceInteractive FictionDetectiveVisual NovelLGBTQ+SingleplayerAnime
Buzzhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2344040/Lovers_in_Playa_Rosa/About the GameWhen crypto billionaire Hamish McNeil is reported to have vanished out at sea during a yacht party off the coast of O....
Banner of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2

Best High Quality Graphics Games 14+

Banner of The Lost Ashford Ring

The Lost Ashford Ring

HistoricalLinearDetectivePoint & ClickCasualFamily FriendlyAdventureSingleplayer
Welcome to "The Lost Ashford Ring," an immersive hidden object game that transports you to the intriguing world of Victorian England. Step into the shoes of a brilliant detective, hired to unravel a c...
Banner of Maze of Realities: Symphony of Invention Collector's Edition

Maze of Realities: Symphony of Invention Collector's Edition

Interactive FictionDetectivePoint & ClickVisual NovelCasualAdventureFantasyRelaxing
A gripping detective series filled with mystery and riddles awaits you! So you’ve opened the door to other worlds! And turns out that means so many new discoveries! For example, your friend Dr. Charle...
Banner of PsychoDive


CinematicActionInteractive FictionDetectiveRPGCasualAdventureThird Person
Inspired by the classic survival horror games of the 90's, PsychoDive turns the genre on it's head while retaining all the classic gameplay tropes we've come to love.You play the role of Lennox, a...
Banner of Welcome to Lightford

Welcome to Lightford

ActionConspiracyFirst-PersonDetectiveAdventureOpen WorldSingleplayerExploration
Embark on a gripping 1998 adventure in "Welcome to Lightford"! Play as Steven Bennet, a security guard who stumbles upon a mysterious journal left by his late brother. What starts as a simple job in h...
Banner of Detective Bass 2: The Case of the Stolen Pearls

Detective Bass 2: The Case of the Stolen Pearls

Pixel GraphicsNoirCartoonCartoonyDetectiveCasualAdventureComedy
Crime strikes again, this time, at the luxurious inauguration to a charity gala! Miss Mishelle Shellington has had her pearl necklace stolen - and there's only one fish who's got the wits, the keen de...
Banner of Remove: 범죄는 흔적을 남긴다

Remove: 범죄는 흔적을 남긴다

DarkDetectivePoint & ClickHorrorSingleplayerSimulation
You lost some of memories after the accident. As you got home after treatment, you found suspicious traces. ‘What’s this? The pictures, and a bloodstain?’ Were you someone’s stalker? Or maybe… you com...
Banner of Legend of Marrow

Legend of Marrow

CinematicActionThrillerStrategyDetectiveHorrorAdventureThird Person
StoryMarrow found herself in a heavily rainy place, the droplets pounding against her skin like a relentless drumbeat. She had been drawn here by a mysterious force, one that she couldn't quite explai...
Banner of Maze of Realities: Ride in the Sky Collector's Edition

Maze of Realities: Ride in the Sky Collector's Edition

RomanceFirst-PersonDetectivePoint & ClickCasualFamily FriendlyAdventurePuzzle
If you think the entire universe is limited to the seven wonders of the world, you are sorely mistaken! Just a trip to the Egyptian temple of Abu Gorab is enough to attest to that. Oh, no, we're not t...
Banner of The 4 Sins

The 4 Sins

Psychological HorrorThrillerStrategyFirst-PersonSplit ScreenDetectiveRPGHorror
The 4 Sins is a multi-player escape-room horror game from the first-person perspective. Each player has to cooperate solving the puzzles, stringing the clues and reveiling the truth.The rural ...
Banner of 旧日重返(Rewritten Recalls)

旧日重返(Rewritten Recalls)

StrategyDetectivePoint & ClickAdventureSingleplayerPuzzleExplorationStory Rich
Step into the dark corners of the world as Detective Thomas, confronting fears unknown to many. Every time the shadow of death descends upon you, you have the chance to begin anew, gathering clues and...


Pixel GraphicsPsychological HorrorCartoonyInteractive FictionDetectiveProgrammingTop-DownAdventure
More games by Toge & Mojiken StudioAbout the GameTEST TEST TEST is a retro pixel-art point-and-click puzzle adventure where you must escape a time loop as an overworked office employee.Find clues,...
Banner of Meurtre Au Florian

Meurtre Au Florian

CinematicRomancePsychologicalThrillerFirst-PersonRealisticDetectivePoint & Click
Dive into the captivating world of Murder at The Florian!This game has been created with real actors who bring captivating characters to life. This innovative experience transports you into the myst.....
Banner of Myth or Reality: Mystery of the Lake Collector's Edition

Myth or Reality: Mystery of the Lake Collector's Edition

Interactive FictionFirst-PersonDetectivePoint & ClickCasualAdventureSingleplayerMythology
Are you able to distinguish illusion from reality enough to debunk myths for everyone else? It’s time to find out, because you just received a letter: “Welcome to the Loch-Ness Hotel! It is an honor t...
Banner of Dead by Daylight Mobile

Games Which Are Really Fun Part 2

Banner of Escape Party

Escape Party

LinearStrategyFirst-PersonDetectiveTable gameCasualOnline Co-OpFamily Friendly
Escape Party is a first-person puzzle game where you can solve various puzzles together with friends in online co-op.For cooperative play, only a single game license is required. Your friends ca...
Banner of Fallen Seeds

Fallen Seeds

Lore-RichDating SimRomanceIdlerSci-fiDetectiveAliensVisual Novel
"Fallen Seeds" is a science fiction visual novel with elements of a dating simulator that follows the adventures of Evod, a special agent of the Earth Empire, during his mission on the enigmatic plane...
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