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Top Electronic Music Games

Top Electronic Music Games

Banner of Skids 'n Wrecks

Skids 'n Wrecks

RetroSandboxElectronic MusicActionAdventureRacingSingleplayerArcade
Skids n Wrecks is a high-speed racing game with intense drifting and obstacle evasion. Navigate tracks, avoid fire, and use rockets for strategic obstacles. The game offers a blend of arcade and reali...
Banner of Confiscator


Pixel GraphicsGoreFast-pacedElectronic MusicActionLinearBloodTop-Down Shooter
Dark, intense and cinematic top-down shooter "Confiscator" Invites you to work as a mafia fixer and immerse yourself in a world of filth, blood and violence, where every gunfight can be your last. To....
Banner of Football: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade

Football: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade

Pixel GraphicsFaithCompetitiveRetroAmerican footballShortSide ScrollerNostalgia
Football: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade is a 2D side scrolling game where you have to run 100 yards to try to score a touchdown. You can move left and right and jump to avoid CPU controlled players on th...
Banner of Hellrider 3

best game of my life

Banner of Beat the Beats VR

Beat the Beats VR

CompetitiveFast-pacedElectronic MusicSportsActionRhythmFirst-PersonCasual
It means absolutely nothing if you don't have that swing, jab, or the finesse of that left hook! Enter Beat the Beats – the boxing rhythm VR game where you throw punches but you can’t fight the rhyt.....
Banner of No Numbers

No Numbers

AbstractElectronic MusicHex GridStrategyCasualNonlinearRelaxingSingleplayer
No Numbers is a minimalist, hex-based puzzle game that will rekindle your love for numbers!In No Numbers you move numbered tiles around a hex grid, combining them until there are none left. Maste...
Banner of BrickBounce


Pixel GraphicsLevel EditorSide ScrollerDungeon CrawlerElectronic MusicSportsBullet HellRhythm
Hit the button corrrectly when the ball is upcoming to the brick , make the sounds right , you could play songs without the ability of playing an instrument!You could also make your own level with...
Banner of Untitled Rhythm Puzzle Game

Untitled Rhythm Puzzle Game

CompetitivePartyElectronic MusicRhythmSouls-likeCasualFamily FriendlyMultiplayer
Dungeoneer Games are proud to launch our first ever title: ‘Untitled Rhythm Puzzle Game’. No that's not a mistake, someone in the marketing department thought this was actually a good idea!Untitled .....
Banner of Pulsar, The VR Experience

Pulsar, The VR Experience

CinematicSci-fiElectronic MusicProcedural GenerationCasualFamily FriendlyVRSpace
(COMPATIBLE with Oculus Rift and Quest with Link Cable to supported PC)PULSAR is an award-winning 40-minute Immersive Art Installation with occasional interaction: a tribute to the imaginative spi...
Banner of KALPA: Cosmic Symphony

KALPA: Cosmic Symphony

CompetitiveCartoonDifficultElectronic MusicSportsActionRhythmCasual
KALPA, the mobile 5-key authentic rhythm game, is finally on STEAM!● A cosmic pattern gourmet!Whether you're a rhythm game beginner or a rhythm game superstar, KALPA's unique patterns will push you to...
Banner of OctaRace


Pixel GraphicsRetroLocal MultiplayerElectronic Music4 Player LocalFamily FriendlyRacingMultiplayer
This game is still a work in progress.OctaRace is an explosive racing video game, it pays tribute to the good old multiplayer titles like MicroMachines, offering fun and intense races.Enjoy a f...
Banner of Steel Executor

Steel Executor

GorePost-apocalypticFast-pacedDifficultElectronic MusicActionConspiracyTop-Down Shooter
Those who put you in the grave will all ponder, staring inside the hollow metal barrel of your gun: will you cling onto the remains of your humanity, or will you embrace your new identity?Become the.....
Banner of Lost Infinity

Lost Infinity

Post-apocalypticAbstractDarkElectronic MusicPsychologicalLinearWell-WrittenVisual Novel
The world of dystopia. What's wrong with it and how did it get that way? I don't think it matters. What matters is who we are in it. Biological machines or human beings? Nobody cares about each other,...
Banner of Music Power Up

Music Power Up

Pixel GraphicsRetroHistoricalElectronic MusicCasualSingleplayerMusicSimulation
As a musician in the 1980s, create music and sound effects for video game releases! Meet programmers, editors, innovators, all passionate about their own projects, in the crazy decade that started the...
Banner of Super Star Shooter 16

Super Star Shooter 16

AbstractRetroElectronic MusicActionBullet HellProcedural GenerationFamily FriendlyExperimental
Battle your way through the audio-verse.On-Rail ShooterSuper Star Shooter 16 takes its cues from early arcade and 3d games. This means that player follows along a fixed course and is responsible for d...
Banner of Graphsx


Pixel GraphicsAbstractCharacter Action GameRetroDifficultElectronic MusicActionCasual
Advisory to Photosensitive: This game may potentially contain seizure triggers for photosensitives.What is Graphsx, you ask to me.Some years ago, TVs had a huge image tube in the back. It was usefu...
Banner of Temporis Arts

Temporis Arts

AbstractDifficultElectronic MusicRhythmCasualEarly AccessSingleplayerArcade
"Music is Art, Temporis is in Tempo!"Temporis Arts is a game in which you press keys along a grid that rotates on a disk, and in tempo to the music.You can press any of the assigned keys - as long ...

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Banner of Nightscape City

Nightscape City

Pixel GraphicsSci-fiElectronic MusicRhythmTime managementCharacter CustomizationSingleplayerBuilding
Improve your club with various items. Place objects on Isometric Grid based plane.SpeakersMixersCountersLightsDance TubesFurnituresWallsSeperatorsFloorsIncrease the luxury level of y...
Banner of Rhythm Journey

Rhythm Journey

Electronic MusicRhythmRock MusicCasualSingleplayerMusic
A vertical rhythm game created by students in the Game Arts Department.To operate, simply press the "Notes" that appear from above with the corresponding key at the right time!Play various songs and.....
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