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Top Electronic Music Games

Top Electronic Music Games

Banner of FungEye


AbstractElectronic MusicLinearPoint & ClickCasualAdventureRelaxingSingleplayer
A game for the mushroom lovers around the world! Surreal, psychedelic artwork made entirely from real mushroom images combine with a rich, organic soundscape. Come explore a mycological world full of ...
Banner of Football: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade

Football: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade

Pixel GraphicsFaithCompetitiveRetroAmerican footballShortSide ScrollerNostalgia
Football: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade is a 2D side scrolling game where you have to run 100 yards to try to score a touchdown. You can move left and right and jump to avoid CPU controlled players on th...
Banner of DJ Clicker - World Tour

DJ Clicker - World Tour

IdlerElectronic MusicCartoonyStrategyCatsCasualRelaxingSingleplayer
DJ Clicker - World Tour is a game about you and what you're gonna do with your life.You can travel the world and become a famous star DJ, but you need to have the energy for it. Hit the lights an...
Banner of Human Fall Flat

Best games where physics is the game

Banner of Dance Dash

Dance Dash

Level EditorSci-fiElectronic MusicSportsActionRhythmFirst-PersonVR
CROSS PLATFORM FULL BODY TRACKINGNo VR headset? NO PROBLEM! Play Dance Dash on PC with any webcam including TV and phone cameras and only a few seconds of setup. Rock to the rhythm with Trackstraps .....
Banner of KALPA: Cosmic Symphony

KALPA: Cosmic Symphony

CompetitiveCartoonDifficultElectronic MusicSportsHentaiActionRhythm
KALPA, the mobile 5-key authentic rhythm game, is finally on STEAM!● A cosmic pattern gourmet!Whether you're a rhythm game beginner or a rhythm game superstar, KALPA's unique patterns will push you to...
Banner of Rhythm Sprout: Sick Beats & Bad Sweets

Rhythm Sprout: Sick Beats & Bad Sweets

DifficultElectronic MusicActionRhythmCasualCharacter CustomizationAdventureRelaxing
Rhythm Sprout is a handcrafted fast-paced rhythm action with original music and a wacky story mode.- Step to the rhythm / Fight to the beat- Remix levels with modifiers- Follow a quirky self-aware...
Banner of RINA:rhythmERROR


RetroElectronic MusicRhythmMusic
RINA RhythmERROR is a two-dimensional + retro electronic style rhythm gameDifferent from traditional audio games, the wrong melody will bring players a complete story under the setting of the world v....
Banner of Confiscator


Pixel GraphicsGoreFast-pacedElectronic MusicActionLinearBloodTop-Down Shooter
Dark, intense and cinematic top-down shooter "Confiscator" Invites you to work as a mafia fixer and immerse yourself in a world of filth, blood and violence, where every gunfight can be your last. To....
Banner of Beat the Beats VR

Beat the Beats VR

CompetitiveFast-pacedElectronic MusicSportsActionRhythmFirst-PersonCasual
It means absolutely nothing if you don't have that swing, jab, or the finesse of that left hook! Enter Beat the Beats – the boxing rhythm VR game where you throw punches but you can’t fight the rhyt.....
Banner of Super Star Shooter 16

Super Star Shooter 16

AbstractRetroElectronic MusicActionBullet HellProcedural GenerationFamily FriendlyExperimental
Battle your way through the audio-verse.On-Rail ShooterSuper Star Shooter 16 takes its cues from early arcade and 3d games. This means that player follows along a fixed course and is responsible for d...
Banner of Rhythm Journey

Rhythm Journey

Electronic MusicRhythmRock MusicCasualSingleplayerMusic
A vertical rhythm game created by students in the Game Arts Department.To operate, simply press the "Notes" that appear from above with the corresponding key at the right time!Play various songs and.....
Banner of Fretless - The Wrath of Riffson

Fretless - The Wrath of Riffson

Pixel GraphicsElectronic MusicRhythmRock MusicRPGWholesomeAdventureSingleplayer
Play as Rob, a friendly musician trying to restore harmony in an off-tuned world where wacky villains are corrupting music.Rick Riffson, boss of the evil Super Metal Records company, is using the...
Banner of The District VR

The District VR

PartyElectronic MusicRhythmFirst-PersonRealisticMemesCharacter CustomizationVR
Immerse yourself in 'The District VR', where the vibrant spirit of Berlin's music and nightlife comes alive in virtual reality. Whether you're a music enthusiast, a budding DJ, or a creative soul, thi...
Banner of The Impossible Game 2

The Impossible Game 2

Pixel GraphicsAbstractLevel EditorDifficultElectronic MusicActionSkateboardingRhythm
Your 12-year wait is over: the original rhythm platform game is back! Test your skills with all-new levels, online battle royale and more.ALL-NEW LEVELS featuring awesome music and crazy new mechani.....
Banner of Fortnite


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