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Top First-Person Games

Top First-Person Games

Banner of Shhh!


CinematicStylizedPsychological HorrorActionLinearFirst-PersonRealisticHorror
Shhh! is a horror experience where your biggest enemy is yourself! If you scream or make noise, the game restarts! (The use of a microphone is mandatory).Your only goal is to explore haunted locat...
Banner of ThinkExplosive


Post-apocalypticDark HumorLevel EditorSci-fiActionFunnyLinearPuzzle Platformer
ThinkExplosive is a first-person puzzle-platformer about bombs! Throw bombs to overcome obstacles - or launch yourself to new heights! Explore the corridors of an abandoned facility and discover new g...
Banner of Bump and Run Racing

Bump and Run Racing

Asynchronous MultiplayerVehicular CombatSportsActionFirst-PersonController3DDriving
Ever miss the good ole' days where you could smash your way to the finish line? Well look no further! "Bump & Run Racing" is a re-imagination of classic arcade racers that center gameplay around the d...
Banner of ARK: Survival Evolved

🌟ToP 10 survival games listed

Banner of Gorfest


Survive the Zombie-Infested IslandGorfest is a survival first person shooter game where you must fight against an island full of zombies. You need to scavenge the island for food, medical kits, ammo, ...
Banner of Warbyte: Operation Falcon

Warbyte: Operation Falcon

Welcome to Warbyte: Operation Falcon!An explosive multiplayer first-person shooter that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Immerse yourself in heart-pounding action as you navigate meticulously ....
Banner of Slyders


Arena ShooterComic BookStylizedAction RPGAction RoguelikeFPSActionBullet Hell
In order to survive 15 minutes of merciless attacking waves of demons, you must become an unstoppable force of destruction. Choose from a variety of active and passive abilities, summon powerful allie...
Banner of Something In The Well

Something In The Well

GothicPixel GraphicsFaithAgricultureDarkStylizedHidden ObjectConspiracy
There is something outside, banging on the walls.June 25th, 1983, this is when it began.Something stirs in the backwoods of Montana.It starts slowly, almost unnoticeable against the sounds of ...
Banner of Haunted House Builder

Haunted House Builder

Use decorations, lights, sounds and more to design a haunted house then open it for guests and see how they react. Guests will leave reviews and if done well enough you'll eventually unlock different ...
Banner of The Unknown Fear

The Unknown Fear

GoreStylizedPsychological HorrorFPSActionInteractive FictionFirst-Person3D
A horror game focused on a mystery story. In addition to an experimental system where game events are controlled by an AI, making these events dynamic, making each game unique.The game is part o...
Banner of RAILGUN 500


ERADICATE THE FINAL FIVE HUNDREDTHE MOON ALSO RISESDO YOU HAVE A DREAM TOO?Photosensitivity WarningThis game contains flashing imagery that may be harmful to players with photosensitive epilepsy ...
Banner of MindXcope


Artificial IntelligenceStylizedPsychologicalAction RoguelikeActionCartoonyConspiracyPsychedelic
Have you ever felt the surveillance and pressure from your boss in the office, where the narrow seat becomes your prison and anxiety takes your breath away?Have you ever fallen into the consumerism t....
Banner of Ungate


RetroDarkSurvivalActionChoices MatterFirst-PersonControllerHorror
UNGATEIn this narative, first-person, survival horror game, the action is about a young man named Jason, who follows the steps of his friends to find them and to get them out of a mysterious cave tha....
Banner of Graveyard Shift

Graveyard Shift

CinematicInventory ManagementDarkPsychological HorrorPsychologicalThrillerFirst-PersonDemons
Guarding the graveyard shift is often considered one of the most terrifying jobs globally, but night guarding at Whispering Winds Cemetery surpasses any other cemetery in horror! Being Night Security ...
Banner of Hell Galaxy

Hell Galaxy

CombatAction RPGActionFirst-Person3DRPGFlightCRPG
1. Unique Blend of Genres: Hell Galaxy unites the thrill of space combat, the terror of horror, and the depth of an RPG, forging an unpredictable and one-of-a-kind gameplay experience. Expect an adren...
Banner of VRIKING


JOIN THE COMMUNITY ON DISCORDAbout the GameVRIKING is a Runner game in VR!Accelerate as fast as you can while collecting points along the way!Dodge the approaching obstacles!FeaturesImmerse yours...


Awakening is a first person experimental puzzle game with a unique gameplay based on pattern recognition.Discover your connection with videos and the game's theme.Use inductive reasoning to solve...

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Banner of The Adventures of Bunny and Pig

The Adventures of Bunny and Pig

CinematicIdlerSide ScrollerFunnyCartoonyInteractive FictionFirst-Person3D
Pigs and monsters have been locked in an unending struggle for thousands of years. Every century, a new pig rises to protect the peace of the bunny villagers, generation after generation.Monster...
Banner of Song Song

Song Song

GoreActionFirst-PersonRPGHorrorAdventureViolentOpen World
Story:-The story of a detective named Nguyen Trung Duc. and he gets entangled in a complicated case. Please help him solve the case. One evening, when the main character came home from work tire...
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