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Games Similar To Aion Tempest for Android

Games Similar To Aion Tempest for Android

Banner of Bladerite


Battle RoyaleActionRPG
*Minimum Game SPECS for Mobile Device: RAM over 6GBBladerite offers action game enthusiasts a unique opportunity to polishing gaming skills like never before. Not only can you earn rewards based on .....
Banner of Blade & Soul: Revolution

Blade & Soul: Revolution KR

RPGAction role-playingMultiplayer
▣ Game Introduction ▣The Ultimate MMORPG, Play The Revolution!Pre-register for "Blade&Soul Revolution" now!◈ Pre-registration Event in progress!Great rewards are waiting for you if you pre-r...
Banner of SILENT HILL: Ascension

SILENT HILL: Ascension

NEW STORY STREAMING WEEKDAYSSILENT HILL: Ascension features new story weekdays to watch, terrifying monsters, and deepening mysteries.INTERACTIVE HORROR TELEVISIONMake crucial decisions that wil...
Banner of Hunted


Hunted is a third-person tactical competitive game developed in the Unreal 4 engine, created by the Law of the Jungle team over the course of a year. The game breaks the traditional shooting competiti...
Banner of Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG

Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG

RPGAdventureFantasyStory Rich
Game FeaturesExclusive pre-registration rewards: HERO-Julius Caesar*1、Common Soulstone*60、Basic Enhance Torrent*100、Bounty Pass*1、Huge Amount of Autoplay Income (9 hours)*1--------------------------.....
Banner of Dawnlands

Dawnlands Test Global

ActionRPGAdventureOpen WorldEditors' Choice
In Dawnlands, players battle to awaken an ancient land. Explore a gigantic world, gather materials, craft weapons, and build a world only you could dream up, but be wary of the threats in the dark! Be...
Banner of LifeAfter

LifeAfter US

RealisticRPGAction role-playingAdventureMultiplayerMMORPG
We decorate homes together, collaborates on labor and crafting, and fight against the Infected. It's our way of life.-The Vast Open World-From snow mountain to beach, from forest to desert, from s...
Banner of 블레이드&소울2


▣ 게임 소개 ▣▶ 진정한 판타지 월드의 완성동양화의 매력을 담은 이상향의 세계거대한 산맥이 용의 모습으로 깨어나는 신화적 세계▶ 태초에 그들이 있었다.블레이드 & 소울의 근원이 되는 영웅들,그들의 과거와 현재, 그리고 미래의 이야기“수라와 신기라니…괴상한 조합이군.”만남은 봉인된 기억을 불러 일으키고인연은 운명을 이끌기 시작하...
Banner of Earth WARS : Retake Earth

Earth WARS : Retake Earth

■■■■■Game Introduction■■■■■In the year 2035, Earth has been conquered by the alien E.B.E.!To reclaim the major city, New York, humanity decides to use their last resort.Join the A.N.T.I. army for ...
Banner of Rise of Dragons

Rise of Dragons

Build & battleStrategyCasualMultiplayer
[Game Introduction]“Rise of Dragons” is a real-time 3D strategy game with a visually stunning medieval fantasy theme. Incubate and hatch dragons, build up your floating islands and use them to defeat....
Banner of Mortal Kombat: Onslaught

Mortal Kombat: Onslaught

For eons, the realms have been locked in Mortal Kombat. Blood has been shed and lives taken in epic duels between darkness and light. Now the Elder Gods call upon YOU to step into the action and join ...
Banner of World Eternal Online

World Eternal Online

A new game at the intersection of MMO, RPG and MOBA.Descend into the world of Althea in a battle royale meets extraction including PvE, PvP, Guilds, Bosses, Heroes collection and forging.Cooperat...
Banner of Project F

Project F

'Project F' is a new game of League of Legends genre as MMORPG and codenamed by Riot Games, the information released at the‘League of Legends’ 10th Anniversary Event. In the video, a quarter-view b...
Banner of Annihilation Mobile

Annihilation Mobile

Lock and load gamers. Welcome to Season 0, Episode 1: Prologue. Choose a unique hero and fight against 60 person Battle Royale. Each hero has its own advantage and disadvantage so, it's up to you to u...
Banner of Dungeons and Decisions RPG

Dungeons and Decisions RPG

🎲Classic Roleplaying Simplified🎲This is a series of fantasy novels where you get to make the choices for the main character. It is like a solo Dungeons & Dragons campaign, but far simplified. If you.....


Duet Night Abyss is a fantasy adventure RPG with a high degree of freedom developed by Hero Games' Pan Studio. The game features "multiple weapon loadouts & 3D combat" at its core, and tells the story...
Banner of Perfect World: Revolution

Perfect World: Revolution

Perfect World: Revolution is a fantastic MMORPG with incredible 3D graphics presented in all-new portrait mode. With the new vertical layout, the game breaks the status quo of two-handed controls, whi...
Banner of Indus Battle Royale Mobile

Indus Battle Royale Mobile

Battle RoyaleActionMultiplayerShooter
🚀 Pre-Register for Indus Battle Royale, Closed Beta Live Now 🚀Welcome to Indus, an Indo-Futuristic Battle Royale featuring next-gen tactical battle royale experience, a unique Cosmium win condition,.....
Banner of Vendir: Plague of Lies

Vendir: Plague of Lies

LootTurn-basedRPGCasualAdventureExplorationDark FantasyStory Rich
🗡️A mythic quest for your party awaits in this dark RPG in which you, and only you, can bring an end to the darkness that consumes a kingdom. 🗡️The once-great kingdom of Vendir is now under the tyra...
Banner of Battlefield™


Rally your squad and lead the charge! The Battlefield™ franchise has arrived on mobile. FPS combat, superior teamplay, and genre-defining destruction - now more thrilling than ever.MOBILIZE FOR ALL-.....
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