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Games That Don't Eat Up Your Storage, Ultimate pack

Games That Don't Eat Up Your Storage, Ultimate pack

Banner of Whack Your Ex

Whack Your Ex

Enjoy this classic game as a mobile app! Tap on items and activate the cartoon whackings. If you love the Whack Your Ex flash game you'll LOVE this new version now with extra ways to whack him or he.....
Banner of Mini DAYZ: Zombie Survival

Mini DAYZ: Zombie Survival

How long can you survive in a post-apocalyptic world? Find out in Mini DAYZ now - an official pixel art rendition of the massively successful PC survival game - played by over 3 million fans. 100% fre...
Banner of MTB Downhill Bike Simulator

MTB Downhill Bike Simulator

Experience realistic physics and plush bike suspension as your bike eats up the rough stuff and softens the landings of big jumps and drops.High speeds and big jumps means huge crashes where your r...
Banner of Honkai: Star Rail

Games on my PC right now

Banner of Stickman Fighter Infinity

Stickman Fighter Infinity

Stickman Fighter Infinity is a physics-based fighting game.With new game mode, this version of Stickman Fighter Infinity will give you best experience.Features:- Endless level campaign- 18 new wea...
Banner of Rush Legends Parkour PvP FPS

Rush Legends Parkour PvP FPS

"Rush Legends" is a First Person Hero Shooter with parkour mechanics.Each hero has 2 unique abilities to master. Wallrun and vault to traverse the map faster and outplay your enemies.Game Feature...
Banner of Towaga


Towaga is a fast-paced action game and the prologue to Towaga: Among Shadows where you play as Chimù, a light-wielder protecting the temple of Towaga. Your focus, accuracy, and patience will be put to...
Banner of Skip School! - Easy Escape!

Skip School! - Easy Escape! JP

Going to school every day can be a drag, right? Well, how about playing hooky for a change?◆ 'Skip School!' - What kind of game is it? ◆Remember the times as a kid when you just didn't feel like go...
Banner of 1 Bit Survivor (Roguelike)

1 Bit Survivor (Roguelike)

Turn-Based TacticsPixel GraphicsPost-apocalypticRetroDungeon CrawlerSurvivalZombiesTurn-Based Strategy
1 Bit Survivor is an easy to play but difficult to master randomly generated roguelike with stylized pixel art and survival horror elements. Fight to survive 28 Days of the Zed-pocalypse and save your...
Banner of Ragdoll Shooter SoulBough

Ragdoll Shooter SoulBough

Far far away, in another universe, there's a planet, where life itself is infinite. The energy travels around seeking for a new home.Today, it found — you.You play as a wooden doll, that has an en...
Banner of Fight of Animals-Solo Edition

Fight of Animals-Solo Edition

What happen when popular meme animals on internet become fighters?Fight of Animals-Solo Edition is here!!Choose your favorite Animal and enjoy the wild fight! Challenge all other animals in Arcade ...
Banner of Velocity Rush - Parkour Action

Velocity Rush - Parkour Action

"Velocity Rush" is a First Person Parkour Action Game where the player can perform parkour inspired moves and fight enemies with various abilitiesGame Features :-15 levels with more being added...
Banner of Stickman Ragdoll Playground

Stickman Ragdoll Playground

It's a stickman figures physics sandbox, a constructor and a virtual stress relief toy with active ragdolls.There's a secret complex hidden deep underground. Some people say it has been built long t.....
Banner of Milkman Karlson

Milkman Karlson

Karlson is really thirsty for some milk, so he needs to get to the store and buy some.
Banner of I See You

I See You

ThrillerAdventureSingleplayerStory Rich
I SEE YOU is a RE-inspired narrative thriller about a blind man's journey to find out what happened to his missing girlfriend.Surrounded by darkness with no one else, can you escape from the house a.....
Banner of Hazard School : Bully Fight

Hazard School : Bully Fight

Pixel GraphicsRetroReal Time TacticsAction RPGActionLinearCraftingRPG
At the school, Blue Sky Academy, chaos reigns among the students. They will be involved in different situations, sometimes ironic and sometimes conflictive, but all of them have the common goal of gai...
Banner of Bike Race:Motorcycle Games

Bike Race:Motorcycle Games

Race and have fun against millions of players. Speed up the wheels and get ready for fun!Addictive racing gameplay- New game mode: Tournaments!- Race against millions of users on multiplayer- Tra...
Banner of Defense Derby

Hold the door!! My fav tower defence games

Banner of Ski Safari 2

Ski Safari 2

* Will you play as the intrepid Sven or his lovely sister Evana? Will you use skis or a snowboard? Will you ride a snowmobile, a motorbike, or something a little more crazy?* Perform tricks and hit .....
Banner of Prison Run and MiniGun

Prison Run and MiniGun

Prison Run and MiniGun is a retro puzzle platformer with modern gameplay and mechanics.The recent events in a state prison, involving Jake from Hot Guns Team was a perfect moment for some prisoners .....
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