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Gun Customization

Gun Customization

Banner of Symmodance


Pixel GraphicsCombatFuturisticTeam-BasedSurvivalAction RoguelikeActionBullet Hell
Key FeaturesEmbark on an exciting journey in a geometric reverse bullet hell experience.Explore two distinct maps, each teeming with unique enemies and challenges.Face off against 6 one-of-a-kind bo.....
Banner of Modulor


RobotsCharacter Action GameFuturisticArena ShooterFast-pacedAction RoguelikeFPSAction
Gather ModulesFight through encounters and collect modules to enhance your gunBuild Your GunBuild a unique gun every run and come up with crazy combinations and synergies.Fight through dungeonsU...
Banner of 15 Minutes At The World's End

15 Minutes At The World's End

Pixel GraphicsStylizedAction RoguelikeActionCartoonyBullet HellControllerRoguelike
Welcome to "15 Minutes at the World's End" - A Bullet Heaven Odyssey!Prepare to embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey through the chaotic realms of the apocalypse in this intense bullet hell extrav.....
Banner of Creatures Of War

Creatures Of War

GoreCombatDarkMetroidvaniaSide ScrollerPsychological HorrorDinosaursSurvival
Electrifying Combat: Unleash the power of your arsenal. Swiftly dodge your foe's attack and counter with a shotgun blast to the face. Scope in from distance and blast your enemy into ruin with a bolt ...
Banner of The Enemy Below

The Enemy Below

DestructionRobotsFuturisticRetroArena ShooterFast-pacedSci-fiZombies
Escape from the depths of a top-secret research facility as you slash through creatures like giant mutant aliens, robot demons, and countless other experiments gone wrong while exploring underground c...
Banner of Quasar


ScienceSci-fiActionChoices MatterAliensGun CustomizationCasualPvE
As species.We always needed a story to believe inWe need a hero to prevailWe need a challenge we can overcomeWe need a tragedy to make us oneIn the year 2056, the land was facing var...
Banner of Mutation Madness

Mutation Madness

Post-apocalypticRetroScienceEducationInventory ManagementArtificial IntelligenceStylizedSci-fi
Enter the World of Mutation Madness!Equip yourself with a powerful disinfectant gun and stand against hordes of mutant viruses to rescue Cell City from a devastating outbreak. Upgrade your weapon, ...
Banner of Dagger Directive

Dagger Directive

Pixel GraphicsTacticalCombatRetroInventory ManagementArtificial IntelligenceFPSAction
You’re a member of the international special forces group Task Force Dagger. Fight across three different campaigns and save the world. Approach each mission in your own way. Choose the equipment a...
Banner of Pro Shooter VR

Pro Shooter VR

Asynchronous MultiplayerFPSSportsFirst-PersonRealistic6DOFPhysicsGun Customization
Pro Shooter VR is the world’s first Olympic-style shooting sports game in VR. Challenge yourself in a shooting simulation like never before!EXPERIENCE REALISTIC PRECISION SHOOTING FOR THE FIRST TIME I...
Banner of Neko:Insufficient FIREPOWER

Neko:Insufficient FIREPOWER

CombatFuturisticCartoonMinimalistAction RoguelikeActionFunnyCartoony
Neko Insufficient Firepower is a meat pigeon 2D tablet shooting game, a cat-themed game made in a hand-drawn comic style.There are three kinds of weapons in the game that can be freely matched, and c....
Banner of The Rewind Factory

The Rewind Factory

CombatRobotsFuturisticFast-pacedLevel EditorSci-fiFPSAction
Join The DiscordAbout the GameYou have one task: complete a software update for a company. But just as it's about to complete, everything goes wrong and you end up in a test track.The only way o...
Banner of HUNTERS: Uprising

HUNTERS: Uprising

TRACK AND KILL OR DIE ALONEYou are a professional supernatural hunter, the last line of defense between our world and savage creatures known from folklore stories, tasked with eliminating the savage,....
Banner of OASIS: Tokyo

OASIS: Tokyo

CombatInventory ManagementSci-fiFPSActionLootProcedural GenerationFirst-Person
OASIS: Tokyo is an FPS with a focus on inventory management that has roguelite elements. Undertake contract missions for powerful mega-corporations and other clients in the criminal underworld of an a...
Banner of Ambrosia


Pixel GraphicsCombatRetroFemale ProtagonistMetroidvaniaSide ScrollerAction RPG2D Platformer
The island of Aspida has suddenly gone dark after the invention of Æmbrosia, and its once peaceful automatons are now running berserk. Players take control of the audacious engineer Iris as she travel...
Banner of Hive Jump Survivors

Hive Jump Survivors

Pixel GraphicsCombatArena ShooterSci-fiAction RoguelikeActionBullet HellController
Tear through alien hordes and become unstoppable in this action roguelite set in the Hive Jump universe. Use your jetpack to out-maneuver enemies and traverse hostile planets. Upgrade your Jumper with...
Banner of Noga


Lore-RichCombatInventory ManagementSci-fiAction RPGFPSConspiracyChoices Matter
Noga is my third RPG game as a solo indie developer. It's a single-player story-based role-playing game in first-person, with shooting and driving mechanics. You play a young soldier who sets out to ....
Banner of The Sentinel

The Sentinel

TacticalReal Time TacticsTower DefenseSurvivalBullet HellStrategyRoguelikePhysics
Step into the epic world of strategic defense with 'The Sentinel'! Prepare yourself for an exhilarating and challenging gaming experience that will put your tactical skills to the test. At the heart o...
Banner of Dead Hope

Dead Hope

Open World Survival CraftSandboxTeam-BasedSurvivalActionStrategyFirst-PersonCrafting
Dead Hope is an open world loot shooter inspired from games like 'The WarZ' and 'The Division'There are two differente gamemodes to playSURVIVAL MODE:The survival mode can be played alone in sin...
Banner of Run 'n Gun: Deluxe

Run 'n Gun: Deluxe

Pixel Graphics1980sBeat 'em upCartoon2D PlatformerActionBullet HellGun Customization
Run 'n Gun: Deluxe is a game that inherits the classic style of Run and Gun, and is ready to give you a storm of emotions. 2D platformer, shooter with a special style.Upgrade your weapons, collect...
Banner of Time to Strike

Time to Strike

CombatArena ShooterMinimalistAction RoguelikeActionFunnyBullet HellProcedural Generation
Time to Strike mixes Binding of Issac crazy synergies with more streamlined gameplay with a gentle sprinkle of Vampire Survivors. Runs are fast and items are made to synergize with each other!...
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