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Top Hack And Slash Games

Top Hack And Slash Games

Banner of Eyewinder


CombatAction RPGActionPuzzle Platformer3DCreature CollectorAdventureAtmospheric
Run, glide, and grapple across an open world filled with floating islands. Armed with an Eye that gives you the power to rewind and accelerate time, use it to solve puzzles, fight enemies, and rescue ...
Banner of Mobius


Tactical3D FighterCombatSwordplayTeam-BasedStylizedSci-fiAction
Mobius is a 5v5 First-Person Melee game being developed with Unreal Engine 5 where players will use many different unique weapons in explosive and intimate combat somewhat reminiscent of classic medie...
Banner of Black Mountain Kings

Black Mountain Kings

Lore-RichPixel GraphicsDark HumorDungeon CrawlerAction RPGActionJRPGRPG
You find yourself in an unfamiliar place. Apparently you are a monster hunter. You don't have anything. The world feels strange.What do you do next?Black Mountain Kings is a non-linear action R...
Banner of Warframe Mobile

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Banner of 轮回序列 Samsara Agent

轮回序列 Samsara Agent

Post-apocalypticBeat 'em upFemale ProtagonistReplay ValueAction RPGSurvivalAction RoguelikeZombies
RogueLite's skills catalyze endless freshness!Choose your own mystical abilities and create marvelous combinations of reactions!Passionate and fun leader challenge!A strategic selection of le...
Banner of Magnir Saga Part 1

Magnir Saga Part 1

Action3DRPGAdventureFantasySingleplayerAction-AdventureHack And Slash
There is a story on a planet called Magnir which has a magnetic field of the planet necessary for life. Without a planet's magnetic field, high-energy particles from the sun and space, also known as p...
Banner of ShadowKitty: Thief by Night

ShadowKitty: Thief by Night

Lore-RichCombatFemale ProtagonistComic BookSide Scroller2D PlatformerActionCartoony
HIGH SCHOOLER BY DAY, THIEF BY NIGHT!ShadowKitty: Thief by Night is the adventure of a teenager catgirl stealing back stolen arts from criminals and bringing it all back to the museum.The game i...
Banner of Brawlberry


CombatAction RoguelikeActionCartoonyProcedural GenerationRPGOnline Co-Op2D
Venture into the Fruity AbyssEmbark on a roguelike journey through the fruit-filled world of Brawlberry, As the titular Strawberry, you'll harness the mythic powers of taste to break free from the g.....
Banner of Songs of Everjade

Songs of Everjade

Pixel GraphicsCombatFast-pacedHistoricalDifficultAction RoguelikeActionProcedural Generation
Explore a mythical world of Chinese high fantasy in this fast-paced action-packed roguelite. Slash your way through enemies, avoid perilous traps, dash out of harm’s way, collect hundreds of items, an...
Banner of Shadows of Rogue: The Sorcerer's Curse

Shadows of Rogue: The Sorcerer's Curse

Pixel GraphicsCombatRetroStylizedAction RPGAction RoguelikeActionRoguelike
In this roguelite game, you'll face increasingly relentless hordes of enemies and formidable bosses, all while discovering an array of valuable items and surprises along the way. Prepare for a casual ...
Banner of 闪客快打8武装行


CombatPost-apocalypticRetroBeat 'em upSide ScrollerCo-op Campaign2D PlatformerZombies
There are various copies, missions, a large number of equipment, weapons, ammunition, cold weapons, professions, skills, various monsters, and bosses.Compared to previous my games, the biggest dif...
Banner of NecroAttack!


Cartoon2D PlatformerZombiesStrategyRoguelikeRPGPoint & ClickCasual
About this game:This is a strategy survival game that is played using the mouse to control.In this game, you will:·Play as Edgar Princess “Ismael”.·Form a strong team by selecting comp...
Banner of Evelone Wrath

Evelone Wrath

CombatDark HumorActionFunnyPsychedelicRealisticMemesAdventure
The main character is the popular streamer Evelone192, who has to save Buster and Lixxx!This game is a story driven narrative where you have to fight, shoot, run away and all in order to save your fr....
Banner of GOD PILL


GothicAbstractBeat 'em upStylizedActionCartoonyBullet Hell3D
In god pill you play as a ragdoll dreg who uses military-grade fingerless gloves to escape his mortal coil. This fast paced, action packed, arcade-inspired beat 'em up/on-rails shooter mashup sees the...
Banner of Ephemeral Legend

Ephemeral Legend

Pixel GraphicsCharacter Action GameRetroMetroidvaniaAction RPGActionControllerRPG
Wake up! A grand adventure beckons!Dive into the heart of this captivating Action-Adventure RPG, where the secrets of a realm asleep need unraveling. With nods to both modern and classic inspir...
Banner of Scary Tales

Scary Tales

TacticalCombatArena ShooterDarkStylizedSurvivalFPSAction
Welcome to the dark world of Slavic mythology, scary tales and epics!Meet the mystical evil lurking in Slavic folk tales.Evil spirits appears in our world and there is no control over it. Baba ...
Banner of DaemonClaw: Origins of Nnar

DaemonClaw: Origins of Nnar

Pixel GraphicsCombatRetroSide Scroller2D PlatformerActionController2D
You're humanities last hope. Given the magic gauntlet DaemonClaw, which takes unique forms and gives you powers best suited for the foes you face.high speed side scrolling classic console and arcade ....

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Banner of Magic Paper

Magic Paper

Dungeon CrawlerAction RoguelikeAction3DRoguelikeDeckbuildingTop-DownFantasy
You can use magic by attaching a magic piece containing magic to a magic book.Attaching a Magic piece of the same magic will enhance that magic.If you don't like the shape of the magic piece, y...
Banner of Pedro of Brazil

Pedro of Brazil

Lore-RichCombatFemale ProtagonistHistoricalConversationAction3DEmotional
Embark on the grand saga of the Empire of Brazil in "Pedro of Brazil". Join historical heroes like Dom Pedro II, Dom Pedro I, Princess Isabel, André Rebouças, and Maria Quitéria, and fight for honor.....
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