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Top Historical Games

Top Historical Games

Banner of Nocturnal relics

Nocturnal relics

In this First-person horror puzzle game you play as May. She has broken into a museum who is being built to steal what ever she can find. She accidentally drops a fossil and is hit in the face with du...
Banner of Monuments Renovator

Monuments Renovator

Banner of Ether Versus

Ether Versus

Lore-RichTacticalSolitaireCard BattlerHistoricalTurn-Based StrategyStrategyFirst-Person
Play different Champions from various genresBuild decks with diverse strategiesChoose your own spiritual creatureUtilize all your techniques to triumph over adversariesFeaturesEach genre features uniq...
Banner of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5

What's your favorite FPS? here are some of my favorite FPS and my ratings.

Banner of Guardian: Defense to Others

Guardian: Defense to Others

Pixel GraphicsHistoricalTower DefenseStrategyRoguelikeRPGPvEMedieval
A person who wakes up in front of a book that records the subjugation of monstersYou are a scribe. I fell asleep while writing down the monster subjugation in my book.Records that lie ahead Since th.....
Banner of 悟道(体验版)


Text-BasedHistoricalEducationalPsychologicalCartoonyInteractive FictionRPGCRPG
If you had the opportunity to freely travel to any era, which historical dynasty would you choose to go to? Perhaps one can try to choose the Ming Dynasty, which can be considered a brilliant period i...
Banner of 北斗将星录


HistoricalLinearTurn-Based StrategyRPGCRPGAdventureSingleplayer
《BeiDou hero legend》is a turn-based RPG game.You will play the role of a Taoist and go back to the Three Kingdoms Period.You must collect seven powerful magic weapons and use the power of historic her...
Banner of A Short Odyssey

A Short Odyssey

HistoricalAction RPGActionRPGAdventureOpen WorldFantasySingleplayer
You, a shipwrecked sailor, wash up on a strange island at the edge of the known world. As you explore this mysterious island you must battle monsters and the undead. You must find weapons and equipmen...
Banner of Paladin's Passage

Paladin's Passage

Level EditorHistoricalDragonsRomeActionRealisticFantasyEarly Access
Paladin's Passage: Secrets of the Forgotten Realm casts players in the role of dwarvish Paladin, Thieren Cromlech, on a noble quest through the mythical land of Aramor, journeying through over 100 mon...
Banner of Cursed Sword Edo

Cursed Sword Edo

Turn-Based TacticsPixel GraphicsHistoricalDarkDungeon CrawlerTurn-Based StrategyRoguelikeJRPG
"HD-2D JRPG made with RPGBAKIN engine"【Story】Adam is a soldier who works for Edoward Kingdom.With his best friend Prince Edo, they travel the world to save their King.Along with their journey ...
Banner of DUILIUS - ARC I


CinematicGod GameCold WarHistoricalSide ScrollerAction RPGAction RoguelikeAction
The War For Legion Begins Among The Descendants Of The Two Ancient Demonic Gods in DUILIUS - The Ancient Duel.DUILIUS - The Ancient Duel , as an Indie mini SIDE-SCROLLER RPG involves you into this ag....
Banner of 点出个三国


Turn-Based TacticsReal Time TacticsCartoonCard BattlerHistoricalTurn-Based StrategyCartoonyStrategy
Banner of Hysteria in Howlsbend

Hysteria in Howlsbend

Text-BasedHistoricalDarkInteractive FictionRPGVisual NovelSingleplayerTyping
Hysteria in Howlsbend is an Interactive Narrative Experience driven by conversational AI Characters, created with the cutting-edge ChatGPT Language Model.Our game is set in a colonial-era New Englan.....
Banner of Poison is Served!

Poison is Served!

HistoricalCozyAlternate HistoryCasualCookingRogueliteSingleplayerLife Sim
We live in a world when almost all food is poisoned. This world is a bit mad, a bit grotesque, somewhere cynical. Money does not make sense. Healthy food has the greatest value and the most important ...
Banner of Ancient Sprits: Columbus' Legacy

Ancient Sprits: Columbus' Legacy

A mysterious ghost story, a gripping thriller, a historical adventure:Virginia and Professor MacNara, a famous archaeologist, come upon a 500 year-old galleon on the beach of a deserted village. Th...
Banner of Soviet Zombies

Soviet Zombies

Post-apocalypticArena ShooterHistoricalAction RoguelikeFPSActionFirst-PersonRealistic
Soviet Zombie is a thrilling and immersive zombie survival horror game that transports players back to the scary and mysterious atmosphere of the 1980s to 1990s Soviet Union. This game offers a unique...
Banner of 攻城与召唤


Turn-Based TacticsCard BattlerHistoricalTrading Card GameTurn-Based StrategyBoardStrategyRoguelike
《攻城与召唤》是一款以三国时代为背景的线上回合制战棋竞技卡牌,玩家可以利用士兵卡和技能卡组建一副对战的卡牌,在三国的世界中挑战实力强劲的NPC,也能与其他玩家对战,组队挑战副本。游戏特色◆ 卡组:玩家可以利用将士卡和技能卡组建自己的卡组进行战斗。◆ 玩法:玩家在固定大小的场上,理由各自的卡组进行对战。◆ 职业:玩家可以在剑豪、法尊、道圣、神箭4种职业中自由选择◆...
Banner of Genshin Impact

best 5 online adventure games on mobile and pc

Banner of Perseus


Turn-Based TacticsHistoricalDungeon CrawlerActionTurn-Based StrategyRoguelikeRPGTop-Down
Perseus is a 2D Roguelike that tells the story of a boy trying to rescue his mother from an evil king by completing the task that the king has given him - killing Medusa. Dive deep into dungeons, slay...
Banner of SGS Battle For: Madrid

SGS Battle For: Madrid

World War IIHistoricalTurn-Based StrategyStrategyWarMultiplayerMilitarySingleplayer
Battle for Madrid - SGS Battle SeriesSGS Battle for Madrid is the second game of our new SGS Battle Series, covering intense fights and battles in well know (or not) small but fighting-heavy location....
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