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Banner of SSS급 용사 키우기

SSS급 용사 키우기

Even if you leave it on the hunting ground, a storm of equipment drops!You can grow from a hero trainee to an SSS-Class Hero!Let's defeat the endlessly flocking demon army and challenge the universe.....
Banner of 九重試練


神道を習得する一員になり、果てしない試練で成長し、皆に尊ばれる強者になろう!『九重試練』は熱血で刺激的なローグライクゲームです。ここで様々な武器を入手し、合成して強化できます。さらに、妖怪共同作戦中に、経典を習得することで変身可能!ゲームの特徴:- 同時に1000体の怪物と戦う!- 片手で操作可能、各試練をクリア!- 様々なローグライクゲームの武器を使用可能、千変万化の武器を組み合わせよ...
Banner of 스피릿나이츠:방치형RPG


수동, 반자동, 자동 모든 조작을 지원하는 고 퀄리티 3D 방치형 RPG마왕에게 패배한 영웅들을 안타깝게 바라보던 신이 과거로 회귀 시켜 주었지만차원의 공간을 지나면서 육체는 소멸하고 영혼만이 한 인간에게 들어가게 된다.회귀한 모든 영웅들로 변신하며 전투를 즐겨보세요!!공식 카페 : https://cafe.naver.com/spiritknight...
Banner of Stardew Valley

offline and very fun [mobile] games :)

Banner of 火柴人M


Banner of Hero Egg: Idle RPG

Hero Egg: Idle RPG

"Welcome to our new idle RPG game, where you take on the role of a egg fighting against hordes of bad human. Your goal is to defend your home town from invading human and protect its eggs from harm......
Banner of Doctor Who: Lost in Time

Doctor Who: Lost in Time

Based on the long-running Sci-Fi franchise, Doctor Who: Lost in Time is an idle game where you explore time space collecting energy to save the universe.Tap to power-up your waypoints to obtain Vort.....
Banner of Slime farm: idle farm, ranch

Slime farm: idle farm, ranch

We present you a game about small and cute slime on ranch! Arcade games for all. These charming animals will fill your farm tycoon and make you great friends. The game contains more than 30 species of...
Banner of Alice, Final Weapon : Idle RPG

Alice, Final Weapon : Idle RPG

[Final weapon Alice Synopsis]Dr. K, who researched Artificial Biotech for his badly injured daughter, got attacked by an armed force called 'LB corporation.' LB corporation blows up Dr. K's lab, lead....
Banner of Dragon Survival

Dragon Survival

The peaceful Dragon Village has been attacked by monsters!You must protect the village with the legendary dragons!You will be a victorious survivor![Game Features]▶ Infinite skill combinations th...
Banner of Planet Pi

Planet Pi

This game combines elements of idle game and strategy* Add buildings to get more resources, and start conquering the world* Train soldiers and send them to enemy planet* The more colonies you have,...
Banner of Grey Valley - Idle Chapters

Grey Valley - Idle Chapters

Immerse yourself into the supernatural world where fairy tales, scary stories, and ancient legends are coming to life! Welcome to the Grey Valley and dare to unfold the incredible mystery of the place...
Banner of 수락했더니 이세계: 방치형 키우기

수락했더니 이세계: 방치형 키우기

용사 파티에 의해 위기에 처한 '마왕'절체절명의 순간 그녀는 정체를 알 수 없는 강력한 힘에 의해 이세계로 소환된다.이세계로 소환된 마왕은 과거 자신의 모습으로 돌아와 있었다.이제 갓 10살쯤 되어 보이는 가녀린 어린 소녀.세상 위에 군림했던 절대자의 모습은 찾아볼 수 없었다.소녀의 눈 앞에 펼쳐진 세계는 지금껏 보아온 세상과는 사뭇 다른 풍경...
Banner of Fish Kingdoms: Idle Arena

Fish Kingdoms: Idle Arena

Discordhttps://discord.gg/8rC7md2RfnFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/FishKingdomsIdleArena/[Game Features]- Open chests after chests for FREE!- Free summons to easily collect all Epic Finlords!...
Banner of LoanWarrior - IDLE RPG

LoanWarrior - IDLE RPG

As an office worker, you received the cheat of infinite growth,Buying a house here is not easy.But, what if spirits exist in this world as well?We can help you quickly and easily.Excerpts from th...
Banner of Galaxy Miner

Galaxy Miner

Welcome to the future of the galaxy! In this thrilling game, you will become a brave dwarf miner employed by Galactic Corporation, venturing into the depths of alien worlds to unearth treasures and en...
Banner of Cell: Idle Factory Incremental

Cell: Idle Factory Incremental

Welcome, boss!CIFI is a complex incremental idle game with more than meets the eyes. Here, you'll build, grow and upgrade a star fleet of industry & production based ships. The goal is to produce as.....
Banner of Dragon Raja

Top 5 New Realistic Graphics RPG Games For Android

Banner of Space Colony: Idle Click Miner

Space Colony: Idle Click Miner

Modern society measures success by wealth. As greed drives humanity to earn and consume more; humanity needs you to build colonies in space for mining.Train astronauts, construct colonies, set up a...
Banner of Idle Obelisk Miner

Idle Obelisk Miner

This is an idle / incremental / clicker game about mining rocks, crafting bars and progressing through vast upgrade trees to progress further into the mines.Idle Obelisk Miner has ALOT of features t.....
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