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Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Banner of VRSO: Bare Knuckle Fighting

VRSO: Bare Knuckle Fighting

3D FighterCombatSportsActionMartial ArtsSpectacle fighterControllerRealistic
VRSO stands for Virtual Reality Sport Organization. Our vision is to create highest quality sports game based on the physics simulation for the virtual reality.LocationsThe game is set in a world ...
Banner of Troublemaker 2: Beyond Dream

Troublemaker 2: Beyond Dream

CombatRomanceBeat 'em upConversationActionFunnyMartial ArtsConspiracy
Check out HumanitZ!https://store.steampowered.com/app/1766060/HumanitZ/About the GameTeenagers, Dreams, and Drugs. Unveil the secrets of South Jayakarta city that continue to haunt the dreams of th...
Banner of Project Final Strike

Project Final Strike

3D FighterCombatSci-fiActionLinearMartial ArtsSpectacle fighterRealistic
Come on! Fight in blood!Project Final Strike is a hardcore action game focused on high-speed combat. The game will include one-on-many group battles and exciting boss battles. The game will bring un.....
Banner of 大话战国Online


Real Time TacticsCartoonyMartial ArtsAlternate HistoryRPGMassively MultiplayerOnline Co-OpFree to Play
Banner of True Boxing VR

True Boxing VR

3D FighterCombatSportsActionMartial ArtsRealistic3DMultiple Endings
TrueBoxing VR brings real boxing experience to Virtual Reality. This game is developed by Boxers for Boxers. With its focus on realism, TrueBoxing VR delivers an authentic boxing experience that disti...
Banner of Ragdoll Combat

Ragdoll Combat

Destruction3D FighterCombatSwordplayLocal MultiplayerActionMartial ArtsNinja
Fight in epic physics based battles until a victor is decided with your friend! Kick, punch or smash your way to victory in legendary duelsDive into the intense world of Ragdoll Combat, where pl...
Banner of Bainok: City of Fighters

Bainok: City of Fighters

Pixel GraphicsMartial ArtsControllerJRPGRPGCRPGAtmospheric2D
Put your wits and might to the test against the harsh streets of Cirqalo in this turn-based martial art game.In-dept turn based combat where every attack counts.Train your body and perfect techniqu...
Banner of Oberak (Prelude)

Oberak (Prelude)

CombatSci-fiAction RPGActionMartial ArtsNinja3DRoguelike
Oberak is a stylized genre mashup of action adventure RPG and Social School Sim with a dash of Roguelite spice, set in a Sci-Fantasy world inspired by Wuxia stories, Shonen martial arts anime, and t.....
Banner of G.I. Joe: Wrath of Cobra

G.I. Joe: Wrath of Cobra

Pixel Graphics1980sCombatRetroBeat 'em upCartoonLocal MultiplayerSide Scroller
Check out Airship: Kingdoms Adrift!https://store.steampowered.com/app/1597310/Airship_Kingdoms_Adrift/About the GameCobra rears its ugly head yet again and it's up to G.I. JOE to save the world! ...
Banner of The Way of Death

The Way of Death

CombatDifficultActionMartial ArtsNinjaSouls-likeTop-DownAdventure
The Way of Death is a souls-like game set in a world inspired by feudal Japan from the Edo period. Take the challenge in the arcade sword combat system prepared for a top-down perspective. Defeat oppo...
Banner of Oriental Dynasty - Silk Road defense war

Oriental Dynasty - Silk Road defense war

Lore-RichCombatCartoonHistoricalStylizedTower Defense2D PlatformerStrategy
Welcome to the journey to another world of "Eastern Dynasty - Silk Road Defense War"! In this tower defense game with distinctive stylized art and excellent level design, you will experience the fanta...
Banner of Boxing Gym Story

Boxing Gym Story

Pixel GraphicsEducation2D PlatformerSportsStrategyMartial ArtsCasual2D
Next KairogamesComing soonhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/2431880/About the GameIntroducing a sim with real punch!Are you the manager this down-on-its-luck boxing gym needs to get back on its f...
Banner of Vengeance of Mr. Peppermint

Vengeance of Mr. Peppermint

Pixel GraphicsGoreCombatNoirBeat 'em upStylizedSide ScrollerAction
Check out The Golden Eyed Ghosts!https://store.steampowered.com/app/1950930/The_Golden_Eyed_Ghosts/About the GameVengeance of Mr. Peppermint is a hardcore, side-scrolling beat-'em-up inspired by c...
Banner of Black Otaku 2: Taekwondo is in my Blood

Black Otaku 2: Taekwondo is in my Blood

3D FighterCombatBeat 'em upFemale ProtagonistCartoonStylizedActionCartoony
After a near-fatal car accident, Sahara B. Shabazz was in need of a blood transfusion ... and in need of one fast!!!Fate had decided that on that very same night, a Korean, 7th dan, Taekwondo, bl...
Banner of Rogue Samurai

Rogue Samurai

CinematicIsometricBeat 'em upSwordplayHistoricalAction RoguelikeActionMartial Arts
Miyamoto Musashi is struggling to survive in this dark world with the mastery of courage and the sword. Now, choose the way of the samurai and illuminate the night!Rogue Samurai is an action gam...
Banner of 江湖路


Lore-RichSandboxStylizedAction RPGActionMartial ArtsSpectacle fighterAlternate History
He started out as an unknown person in the rivers and lakes, but with a humble body, he became a hero in the treacherous rivers and lakes disputes and stirred up the general trend of the world.N...
Banner of 校园幻想录


Martial ArtsRPGCharacter Customization2DOpen WorldFantasyEarly AccessIndie
School Fantasy is a role-playing single player game.You will play the role of a wandering university student, experiencing the game journey from an unknown rookie to a legendary generation.The game d....
Banner of 天機錄


SwordplayCard BattlerMatureMartial ArtsDeckbuildingCasualFantasyCard Game
Banner of Setting Sun

Setting Sun

SwordplayDungeon CrawlerAction RPGAction RoguelikeActionProcedural GenerationMartial ArtsNinja
Setting Sun is an Co-op Rogue-lite Dungeon Crawler.It's set in a universe during the Japanese Edo period where Yokai roam the world freely.The land is in turmoil because the Shogun rules with an...
Banner of 末日迷窟 Doomsday Cave

末日迷窟 Doomsday Cave

Female ProtagonistSwordplayComic BookAction RPGSurvival2D PlatformerAction RoguelikeZombies
In this cross-board action game, you will face a difficult life in the post-nuclear war post-apocalyptic underworld and experience elements such as action upgrades, interacting with your family, resou...
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